MPG 53.3
0-62 MPH 119g/km
0-62 MPH 12.2s
BLP £15,600
Per Month £189
Special Offer
MPG 54.3
0-62 MPH 118g/km
0-62 MPH 12.2s
BLP £14,267
Per Month £191
MPG 53.3
0-62 MPH 120g/km
0-62 MPH 12.2s
BLP £16,933
Per Month £223
MPG 65.7
0-62 MPH 97g/km
0-62 MPH 9.3s
BLP £18,563
Per Month £228

The best thing about the Renault Clio is that they have coupe good looks but they are all five doors which means you don't have to give up the sporty feel in exchange for practicality. It is noted that the new Clio doesn't have the vast range of engines that previous incarnations had but a more refined one-size-fits-all approach. Both engines are economical but the excellent 1.5 dCi produces less than 90g/km which is class leading. The TCe engine also provides a petrol option with a bit more bite than the 1.2 litre due to the tubocharger installed.  

Why Lease a Renault Clio

The Clio is from a long line of award winners and this has inherited what made the previous Clios so popular. The Renault Clio is not just a great car to look at but also to drive. Leasing a Renault Clio is also an economically viable choice as the discounts are great and the lease prices are low as a consequence. The Renault Clio has class leading technology inside with it being such a new model so leasing one of these would give you a cutting edge and modern car. It is a very practical car and has the power to be able to cruise down the motorway and the economy to be used in a city.

Five reasons to lease a Renault Clio

  • Coupe looks 
  • Robust engines give great power and economy 
  • Class leading tech inside 
  • Larger than previous 'small' Clios 
  • Bright and colourful styling 

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