As one of the best selling vehicles in the UK All Car Leasing has paired with Mini dealerships nationwide to offer the best mini lease deals. 

Why choose a MINI Hatchback?

A Mini Hatchback lease is ideal for those looking for a stylish daily driver with a premium feel. It offers great fuel economy and will fit into small parking spaces with ease, ideal for city driving. Both business or personal users should consider the Mini Hatchback as it offers plenty of value for money. Interior space is good for a car of its size and has the unique layout MINI is known for. The infotainment system is also very modern and easy to use.

Engines and Trims

Available as both a three door or five-door model, the Mini Hatchback has a variety of trim levels including One, Cooper and Cooper S. There is also an option for a performance variant - the John Cooper Works. As for engines you can choose from a 1.5L or 2L petrol and 2L diesel, each engine is available with automatic transmission.

Availability, Delivery, Maintenance and Warranty

Each Mini Hatchback comes with the standard three-year manufacturer warranty, the model is incredibly popular therefore availability is very strong across the Mini Hatchback leasing range, the car will be delivered straight to your driveway at no cost to you with our free nationwide delivery.

For more information regarding Mini Hatchback warranty, click here.

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