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Why choose the Mercedes-Benz V-Class?

Mercedes have hit their motto on the head with the V-Class, it really is the best or nothing. Most MPV's aren't particularly inspiring on the inside, but the V-Class offers levels of luxury exclusively seen inside executive-class cars. It'll serve you well for everything the daily commute might throw at you, whether that be comfort and ease of getting the kids inside, long journies or parking. Parking is also made much easier as the V-Class is available with Mercedes Parktronic technology, so it'll park its-self!

Engines & Trims

The standard trim for the V-Class is the 'Sport' trim, it does give you everything you need however if you prefer the sportier look you'd be best off with the AMG Line trim. The top of the range trim however, is the 'Marco Polo' which adds camper-van levels of equipment such as a comfy bed, wardrobe and a small kitchenette. Incase you were wondering, there isn't an AMG performance variant available, but the engines to choose from have ample power.

Availability, Delivery, Maintenance & Warranty

The V-Class is generally widely available however in its 'Marco Polo' form you may have to wait for a factory order due to how niche it is. Each model will come with the standard manufacturer warranty and can be delivered straight to your drive with our free nationwide delivery service.

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