Why choose an A Class?

While the Mercedes A-Class looks smart on the outside, the interior doubles-down on the fantastic styling with a balance between sportiness and luxury. The model is incredibly popular among personal leasing and business leasing users alike due to the extensive optional extras and trim levels, allowing you to fine-tune the model around your budget. 

Engines And Trim Options

When considering a Mercedes A-Class lease, take some time to decide which engine is ideal for your journeys. While a hybrid option is not yet available, you can choose between the A180d, A200d and A220d diesel engines, or the A160, A200 and A250 petrol engines. As for trim, the A-Class is available in SE, Sport, AMG Line and an even sportier A45 AMG variant.

Availability, Delivery, Maintenance and Warranty

As standard, all Mercedes-Benz cars come with a three-year manufacturer warranty. With the A-Class being an incredibly popular car there is no shortage of availability and you'll be able to get one delivered straight to your door at no cost as free nationwide delivery is included in all of our agreements.

For more information regarding Mercedes-Benz warranty, click here.

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What our customers say...

Kiran B Private Leasing

Absolutely the best service I’ve had from a company, Nick, Helen & the admin team’s customer service was brilliant, this is my second time private leasing & it’s the best decision I’ve made. Thank you I love my Mercedes AMG line.

Leased a Mercedes-Benz A Class