The Mazda 6 is the Japanese manufacturer's premium saloon which smashed their sales targets quicker than any of their previous models. Quite a feat considering it is at the top of the chain for their models. Now in its third generation the Mazda 6 incorporates Mazda's stylish, insightful and spirited approach and its gorgeous good looks have been well received by customers and critics alike. The vast majority of Mazda 6 engine are powerful diesel engines due to its customer core; business executives, company car users and heavy road users. If you want to turn heads whilst on the road and be at the helm of a very powerful engine then a Mazda 6 is the one for you. The Mazda 6 comes as a saloon and a sports tourer.

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Executive saloons such as the Mazda 6 are a fantastic vehicle to lease for large families and as company cars. However, the Mazda 6 isn't your only option: why not consider some of these competitors?

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