The Mazda 3 is a medium-sized hatchback or fastback made in Japan. Originally released in 2003 the Mazda 3 has been immensly popular as a larger everyday car and has also started to creep in the executive car scene with its powerful but relatively economical diesel engines. The Mazda 3 is now in its third generation and sprts the "KODO: Soul of Motion" exterior design and also encases the SKYACTIV engines.

Mazda 3 comes in two form - a 5 door standard hatchback and a 4 door saloon entitled a 'fastback'. These two types generally match in price and engine size and as such the customer has an easier time of picking which is the best for their purpose. The diesel engines are generally the most popular due to the petrol engines starting at a relatively large size (1.5L).

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