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Nationwide Delivery

We Deliver Nationwide for Free

If you've looked at our car leasing deals and wondered whether we can deliver it to you then the answer is YES! All Car Leasing are based in Altrincham, Manchester but we deliver nationwide at no extra cost unless it is in Northern Ireland or some parts of Scotland. Find more details about it here.

If you were worried we may not be able to reach your area in the UK then worry no more, enjoy viewing our latest specials and car leasing deals in comfort.

When do I get the delivery date?

The delivery date will be given once all the required documents have been signed and returned, finance cleared and the administration fee is paid. The delivery date can then be issued and the registration can he provided. 

Can I get it earlier than the stated date?

This is very much deal specific. Some of our specials are for a limited time and need to be delivered as soon as possible - with these types of deals the answer would more than likely be yes. In some other cases such as a factory order then the date given is usually the only date as it is already the earliest date possible. If you need a specific date and time make sure to ask the account manager dealing with your car lease deal as early as possible.

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Will the drive give me a tour?

Of course, the driver will be more than happy to give a demonstration to show the various features of the car for you. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want to get comfortable with your new vehicle.

I live in Land's End/John O'Groat - will there be a problem?

In short, no. We deliver nationwide.

Where are your most popular destinations?

We really do get customers from all over - but our most popular are Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, London, Nottingham, Newcastle, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Swansea, Newry.

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