Administration Fee

You may have noticed that on each car deal page there is a chargeable Administration Fee. This fee is applicable to all of our cars & offers and it is there to cover the cost of sourcing and locating your chosen vehicle that matches the criteria you have selected.


The amount of this fee is £199.99 VAT and is applied to all our car leasing deals. This is not part of the initial payment and therefore is non-refundable.


The Administration Fee is not for credit checks or financial documentation.

Paying your Administration fee is required upon ordering your vehicle and is part of the process of leasing a car. It takes time, effort and thorough communication by our dedicated team to successfully obtain your chosen vehicle. The Administration Fee goes towards covering the cost of this. 

All Car Leasing reserve the right to retain this fee in the event of a cancellation. For more information about cancelling your agreement after you have signed your finance documents and paid your processing fee, click here.


There also is a beneficial part to paying the Administration fee. All Car Leasing are passionate about giving back and supporting charity work. Our 2 main charities are the MS Society and Children with Cancer UK and we regularly organise events to raise money and awareness for both.


And you can help. When ordering your car with us just tell your Account Manager that you want £10 of your Administration Fee to go towards our charities and we will donate it for you.

For No Deposit Car Leasing see our dedicated page.

If you're still unsure about this Fee or have any other questions, please feel free to call our team on 01565 880880.