More about Fiat 500x Hatchback leasing:

Why lease a Fiat 500X?

For most people, the first thing that pops into their heads when they see a Fiat 500X is just how well they've made the car look like a Fiat 500 and yet have the chunky style of a crossover. This has set the 500X apart from a saturated crossover market by putting style higher up on the priority list. If you move away from the looks the Fiat 500X still has plenty more to offer as it has a generous selection of economical and modern engines married with stylish and up to date interiors and infotainment systems. As it's a 5 door hatchback the 500X is also a lot more practical than the 500 so it's a top choice for both business and personal customers who want the 500 styles but need the practicality!

Engines and Trims

Choose from the following list of engines for the Fiat 500X, we've gathered the important stats to make your decision much easier:

Engine Name Fuel Engine Size Transmission 0-62 BHP Top Speed Combined MPG CO2
1.6 E-torQ Petrol 1.6L Manual 11.5s 110 112 mph 44.1 mpg 147g/km
1.4 MultiAir Petrol 1.4L Manual/Automatic 9.8s 140 118 mph 47.1 mpg 139g/km
1.6 MultiJet Diesel 1.6L Manual/Automatic 10.5s 120 116 mph 68.9 mpg 109g/km
1.4 Multiair [170] 4x4 Petrol 1.4L Automatic 8.6s 170 124 mph 42.2 mog 157g/km
2.0 MultiJet 4x4 Diesel 2.0L Automatic 9.8s 140 118 mph 51.4 mpg 144g/km

As for trims you've got Pop, Pop Star, Cross Plus, Mirror and S-Design which gives you plenty of options for any taste or budget.

Availability, delivery, maintenance, and warranty

Fiat 500Xs have good availability across the board and we can usually get one for our customers very quickly. If you lease a 500X with us then you'll get free nationwide delivery and full manufacturer's warranty. An optional maintenance package is recommended to keep you on the road for less.

Click here to find out more about Fiat 500X warranty.

Other Compact Crossovers You Can Lease

Compact crossovers are what we call mid-sized crossovers which are clearly larger than a hatchback but not quite as big as larger crossovers or SUVs. This is one of the most popular segments with plenty of competition for the Fiat 500x Hatchback. The Fiat 500x Hatchback isn't the only compact crossover you can lease, here's a selection of others we recommend checking out:

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