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Why lease a Volvo?

1927 was the year that the Volvo Group was born in the country of Sweden. Being from Swedish manufacturers the Volvo is a strong car, with plenty of versatility on the roads as Sweden experiences a winter climate for 6 months of the year, which means very low levels of light. This is why all Volvo cars had daytime running headlights and older versions even had little wipers for the headlights for snowy conditions.

Volvo cars are extremely hardy and reliable, and more recently have had a big element of luxury added into the interiors, which means high-quality leather upholstery, technology and engine quality, to name just a few things. But the Volvo range has been altered quite a lot since the new generation of models were released, and so now available are the V40 hatchback, the V60, the V90 estate, the Volvo saloons S60 and S90, and the popular SUV & crossover Volvo segment with the XC60 and the XC70 and XC90.

So what's new this year?

New to the market this year is the long-awaited new estate and Volvos' most famous model, the V90. It has taken over from the V70, which was the long-standing work-horse estate Volvo made much of their revenue from in previous decades. The V90 has brought the latest technology and combined with a timeless, hardy car model to create a genuinely stunning vehicle. Because it is so new there isn't much to say so far, but the Volvo website does tell us that the standard engine will be a 2.0 litre diesel with 190bhp, and the second engine option - the 2.5 litre diesel twin turbocharged engine is said to achieve 235bhp. It looks absolutely beautiful too.

As well as that we've had the recent release of the XC90, Volvos new 4x4, which again has the same consistent design and interior quality to put it in the luxury class along with the likes of the Porsche Cayenne and Jaguar F-Pace. It has proven very popular too, even in the early stages of its release, which is due to a number of qualities in the car such as its amazing safety levels always apparent in older Volvos, as well as it's build quality which could be said to be one of the best around, and finally its value for money is excellent.

Reasons to lease a Volvo

The Volvo range has been developed to encompass all types of car each designed to fill different purposes, so it's very likely you'll find one that fits your lifestyle. As well as that, since the new Volvo range is more high-class than before, it means you're getting a premium branded car for a fraction of what it costs to buy one.

Summarised below are some fabulous reasons to lease a Volvo:

  • Reliable, hard-wearing yet luxury vehicles which means you'll pay very little to lease one compared to buying
  • Volvo heritage is paid hommage to in the V70, which stays true to their original ethos of quality, safety and reliablity
  • Any of the Volvo range could be taken out on a Business or Personal lease, and the V40 and S60 are popular company cars too
  • The level of detail within each car is stunning, and Volvo claim that everything you see inside one of their cars is there for a reason
  • Beautiful and sporty-looking, unique designs apply to the range which means you'll be driving a car with personality

Take a look over the range of Volvos we offer, making sure to use the tools provided such as photos, reviews and videos, which will help you decide which one of these exceptional Volvo car leasing deals will fit your lifestyle.

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