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Why lease a Vauxhall?

Vauxhall Motors were first established in 1903 and are a British company based in Luton, England. The company have been producing cars for 113 years making them Britains oldest car manufacturer. 

Today they produce economical, affordable and sporty looking cars that offer families and first-timers alike a fantastic package. Vauxhall were one of the first car manufacturers to put large 18" inch alloy wheels on their cars and they come with a lot of varied features as standard, making them great value for money.

Vauxhall have been particularly famous in the past for cars such as the Astra VXR - one of the first normal cars to become a performance-focused sports car, and the Zafira - one of the most popular cars for families that has ever graced our roads due to its value for money, space for people and luggage and reliability.

So what's new this year?

This year there is a brand new Astra model which boasts IntelliLux LED Matrix headlights which adjust automatically so you can drive on high beam without disturbing anyone. As well as that the Astra includes all new safety features such as front lane assist minimising any possibility for a collision which also includes traffic sign recognition, following distance indicator and active lane-keep assist indicator. The engine options are vast starting from a 1.0 litre ECOTec Direct Injection Turbo up to 1.6 litre CDTi Bi-Turbo Diesel and in between there are a whole host of different options to choose from, meaning that these cars are highly customisable. On SRi models there is a "Sports switch" which gives the car sharpened steering, suspension, acceleration and ride feel for the driver.

Another new car to the range is the Vauxhall Mokka X, an updated version of the original Mokka that was released a few years back. The new one has more height and traction with an intelligent 4-wheel drive system, with hill start assist, optional adaptive forward lighting LED headlights and OnStar services which include an automatic crash repsonse system. Inside there are ergonomically design sports seats up front and a touchscreen multimedia system containing the infotainment application.

Reasons to lease a Vauxhall

Because they're such good value for money to buy, that means a Vauxhall car will be low cost to lease too, especially since they come with so many features as standard such as advanced park assist. As well as that Vauxhall have some family-focused models in the range such as the Zafira Tourer and the Astra Tourer that are class leading for safety features, which makes them brilliant to lease for Personal use. As well as that the ADAM and Corsa are perfect first cars or city runarounds as they are economical and again have loads of great safety features as standard.

Summarised below are some great reasons to lease a Vauxhall car:

  • Excellent for leasing for Personal use as much of the range is centred around family cars packed with great safey and convenience features
  • New models have a brilliant exterior design which will set you apart from the rest of the Audis and BMWs, plus they come with loads of great features as standard
  • There are some sporty models in the VXR range if you want a performance car for a lot less than buying one, leasing could be the perfect option
  • The Vauxhall range would be perfect for leasing for Business use as either a company car or fleet car such as the Corsa, Astra and Insignia being great value for money
  • Many engine, specification and transmission options on each car mean you can really tailor them to your lifestyle or business needs

Have a browse of the range and decide which Vauxhall car leasing deal would be right for your needs, whether for Personal or Business leasing purposes, and use the tools provided on each model page to help you decide. If you have any questions or would like to make an enquiry then please call our team on 01565 880880 or place an enquiry using the online form provided and our team will be in contact very shortly to discuss it with you.