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Why lease a Suzuki?

Suzuki have over 100 years of making vehicles of all types including motorcycles,  and other off-road vehicles, starting in 1909 in Japan. For 44 years Suzuki have been making and improving their range of 4x4s to perform perfectly off-road as well as on the road with models like the Jimny and the Vitara being popular here in the UK. They're the sort of compact 4x4 that you'd take down to the beach with your surf boards sticking out, reliable and handy little cars.

Today the compact Suzuki range is made up of 6 cars ranging from the Celerio supermini to the SX4 S-Cross SUV, with the Jimny, Swift and Vitara in between. The range is quite suscinct with the type of cars available not too varied, but the perk of that is that the types of cars the range does have are finely tuned

So what's new this year?

There is a new engine variant to the Vitara model - the 1.4 litre Boosterjet S model which provides a "more sporting and dynamic character to the Vitara line-up". The Vitara has been voted the overall Winner at the 2016 Honest John awards and was also voted Most Popular Crossover by readers of

Also new is an updated Swift model and the introduction of the Swift Sport, which is a more powerful, performance based model. The Sport has a 1.5 litre petrol engine capable of a maximum speed of 121mph with 0-62mph taking 8.7 seconds with 136bhp under the hood. Fuel efficiency is very good with the Sport in combined mode claiming to achieve 44.1mpg, but what is actually a bit silly is the price - starting from £14,149 for the 3 door and £14,649 for the 5 door version.

Reasons to lease a Suzuki

For a start the introductory retail price is low, meaning your monthly leasing amounts will be low too, which is perfect if you want to add a few options onto your car to maintain it's value further over the course of the leasing term. As well as that Suzuki vehicles are highly economical meaning you'll spend a lot less on fuel. Also, there is a model to suit every need here, from business to personal uses to family needs or city car runaround. Visit our Personal leasing page for more information.

Summarised below are some fantastic reasons to lease a Suzuki car:

  • The latest engine options for the range has boosted their fuel economy and overall performance, meaning the cars will be reliable and great to drive
  • Suzuki is a fairly unique car manufacturer, providing cars with striking exterior and interior designs which will definitely turn heads
  • The brand itself has a well-established Sporting heritage, particularly within motorcycle racing, but also with Rally Cross and the BTCC, showing that the brand produce engines with a strict focus on performance
  • The compact yet varied range of cars provides something for everyone and every need from sporty hot-hatches to 4x4s to Crossovers and large executive hatchbacks.
  • The Jimny or Vitara are perfect, practical family 4x4s that have won great praise via reviews on the HonestJohn website which ulitmately won the Vitara Car of the Year 2016.

Have a good look over the range of Suzuki car leasing offers we currently have on and use the tools provided on each model page to help you decide if a Suzuki lease is right for you, your lifestyle or your business needs. If you have any questions please call our team on 01565 880880, or alternatively, place an enquiry using the online form.