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Why lease a Subaru?

Subaru is the automotive arm of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd, a Japanese company focused on the production of air and ground transportation. The brand's name comes from the Japanese term for the star cluster known as Plesiades, more commonly known as The Seven Sisters, which can be seen on the brand’s logo (although one is said to be invisible, hence the six, rather than seven, stars). The logo is also said to allude to the merging of companies to form FHI Ltd. 

Subaru are known for their Symmetrical All Wheel Drive, which is effectively the full-time use of four-wheel-drive on their vehicles, as well as their use of boxer engines in their vehicles above 1500cc – they’re a pretty speedy brand. The Subaru Impreza – perhaps the company’s most popular model – has been available since 1992 and has undergone three facelifts since its initial release. Thanks to its large engines and capability of speed, this model in particular has proved to be a great seller over the years.

So what's new this year?

Nothing is new from the brand this year in terms of cars apart from some updates to their existing range, which has vastly improved the cars features, such as the Outback Crossover getting a design facelift with an infortainment system.

There's plenty of Subaru sporting news to share, however, firstly with British Touring Car Championship driver Jason Plato taking a triple podium at last weekends race which was his 500th drive at Knockhill race track in Scotland. He was driving his brand new Subaru Levorg GT.

The Subaru Forester family 4x4 took a Bronze award in the Off Road/ SUV category in the influential Driver Power Survey 2016 published by AutoExpress. Brain Walters, Director of Research & Insights at Driver Power said, "In 2016, the Subaru Forester Mk4 performed brilliantly, improving in six of the 10 Driver Power judging categories. Owners of the Forester rate it highly for its reliability, practicality, ease of driving, and build quality". 

Reasons to lease a Subaru

The cars in the range have been designed to be performance-led as well as fantastically capable off road, with all models being 4WD, which is beneficial in Britain with the ever unpredictable weather. As well as that the hatchback models are perfect for urban driving or for a first car as they are economical and compact in size, but with brilliant performance and stablity. See our Personal leasing page for more information.

Summarised below are some brilliant reasons to lease a Subaru car:

  • As mentioned above the range is performance-led with an emphasis on off-road capability being 4WD as well as having great durability and quality build
  • Long-standing motor sport heritage means that engine quality and reliability is amazing, meaning you have piece of mind when leasing one
  • Lower retail prices mean lower monthly leasing costs which means you get excellent value for money on your Subaru car
  • The cars in the range are perfect for both Business & Personal leasing types as they have an executive but sporty look, see our Business leasing page for more information
  • The Outback was the first Crossover car to be made and is still up there with the best, winning Bronze award in the Driver Power Survey 2016 for Off Road/ SUV by AutoExpress

Have a good look over the range of Subaru car leasing deals we have and use the tools provided to help you decide which Subaru is best for your lifestyle or business needs. If you have any questions please feel free to call our team on 01565 880880, or alternatively, place an enquiry using the online form provided and our team will be in contact with you very shortly.