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Why lease a Peugeot?

Peugeot have focused a great deal on engine performance over the last couple of years, producing engines such as the PureTech and Blue HDi models which have provided a new level of efficiency, reliability and power. They have also been investing in some more unusual innovative designs such as the 'Foodtruck', which is a van coupled to a matching trailer that converts into an outside coffee shop complete with tables and stools that neatly folds back into the van and trailer again; so imaginative.

The latest range of Peugeots includes a new SUV - the 2008 - and a new Crossover SUV - the 3008. The sort of technology included within the 3008 has never been seen before in other cars, such as an electric scooter which folds up, stores and charges in the boot of the car itself. A really clever idea that you'd expect a group of children to invent.

So what's new this year?

As mentioned above the new cars in the Peugeot range are the 2008 SUV and the 3008 SUV Crossover, which have been designed to combine robustness with elegance

The new 2008 is compact and sporty looking, with bold designs and technology features. The car includes Peugeots new i-Cockpit, which aims to deliver a seemless and immersed driving experience with the well-placed head-up instrument cluster, compact sports steering wheel offering precise steering and improved manoeuvrability while the 7" multifunction colour touchscreen puts functionality all in one place.

As well as that you have GripControl for adapting to changing conditions outside; Active City Brake which activates automatically in conditions below 20mph so that you never have a collision while in traffic; Park Assist and Reverse Parking camera give you an excellent view around your car and hands-free parking in tight spots; and CarPlay functionality providing voice command control so you never have to take your hands off the steering wheel. So there's a lot of kit in these cars which will no doubt give you a fantastic and seemless driving experience.

Reasons to lease a Peugeot

All 10 cars in the range provide a fantastic choice and for lower than average monthly payments as the cars themselves cost a relatively low amount to buy - perfect for Personal car leasing use. The fact that you get so many different features included in your Peugeot means that you don't have to worry about spending extra on expensive options - they're already on your car.

As well as that the 508 estate and even the 308 make brilliant Business lease cars as they have that executive, high-end appearance; and then other cars in the range such as the Zoe, Twingo or 208 which would make perfect fleet cars as they are so economical. 

Summarised below are some excellent reasons to lease a Peugeot: 

  • Great choice with 10 cars to choose from, all fantastic value for money and at a lower monthly premium due to low original buying cost
  • The standard specifications included are amazing and mean you won't have to pay more for costly add-ons, keeping your lease as cheap as possible
  • Some models in the range would be perfect for Business leasing as they have the executive appearance and some would be perfect for fleet use due to high fuel economy
  • New models in the range are bold, striking and packed full of clever features to greatly improve your driving experience

Browse the large range of Peugeot car leasing deals and using the tools provided on each model page, decide which Peugeot is right for your lifestyle or business needs. If you have any questions please feel free to call our team on 01565 880880, or alternatively, place an enquiry using the online form provided and our team will be in contact with you very shortly.