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The classic is back! The iconic Mini has finally recieved a facelift and it looks wonderful. BMW have made sure the new Mini Hatchback retains everything that made it popular since its re-release in 2000. One major point for the new Mini hatch is that you can now get it in 5 door rather than coupe-only as it used to be. The new Mini hatch is based on the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer.

Key Mini Hatchback Points

The Mini Cooper is one of the most popular cars around and has been a staple of Britain’s roads for the past 50 years. The latest models would suggest that it’s not going away anytime soon. BMW have developed the unique vehicle to make it more accessible for families. The not-so-Mini Cooper is now longer, wider and taller with much more room available in the boot. Moreover, the interior is surrounded by a ring of 17 LED lights that rotate between red, blue, green, purple, white, yellow and blue, a feature that can make any journey more pleasurable. The Mini Cooper has been fitted with a new three-cylinder engine which allows for a greater fuel economy and a smaller carbon footprint. The Cooper is faster and responds terrifically through gear changes. The distinct marque shape of the Mini means that the steering is fast and responsive especially when cornering. Although the Mini is predominantly designed for an urban lifestyle but this car would not look out of place on a country road.

Why Lease a Mini Hatchback

The Mini hatchback is as stylish as they come, and now with 5 doors available and larger boot capacity, practical as well. Lease a Mini if you want an everyday car with strong German engines and a bit of a personality. As is well known with Mini the cars exterior is quite customisable and allows the driver to really impose their personality on to it. There are a few Mini hatches to choose from the 1.2 petrol to the 2.0 Cooper S. Whether you are after a quiet runner or a hot hatch there is a Mini lease with your name on it here.

Five reasons to lease a Mini Hatchback

  • 3 and 5 doors now available
  • Plenty of engines to choose from
  • Choice of trim is mindblowing
  • Still a classic
  • Drives exceptionally well


To conclude, the Mini is a smashing car to lease. It is pretty much a BMW underneath and is a fraction of a price of a BMW. Fantastic engines, loads of trim choices and an icnonic look give this car strong residual values which in turn makes leasing it all the more cheaper. If you're still not sold then have a look around the Mini Hatchback car leasing hub for images, in depth review and high definition videos.