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Business£144.99per month ex. VAT
Personal£173.99per month inc. VAT
Business£170.88per month ex. VAT
Personal£205.06per month inc. VAT
Business£187.29per month ex. VAT
Personal£224.75per month inc. VAT
Business£188.87per month ex. VAT
Personal£226.64per month inc. VAT
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What our customers have said about Mini vehicles



ClubmanCooper D Chili PackEnjoy my car every day, the service from All Car Leasing was great and the car was delivered pristine, wish I had got the winter pack, the extra rear space is perfect and fits everything I have ever n
eeded, the double door makes boot access very easy. I may consider a Countryman next.

Read MoreHugh2019-05-14


Hatchback2.0 S Sport 3 DoorI'm absolutely in love with my Mini, I love the quirky union jack lights at the back and the inside is really comfy! I think the only thing I'd say is a downside is the run flat tyres, they feel prett
y hard when you're going over bumpy bits. Other than that it's really good to drive, looks fantastic, mine has starlight blue paint with a black roof, originally I wanted the lighter blue but this one was available in stock so I settled for the darker blue.

Read MoreBecky Watson2019-05-07


HatchbackOneWish id got a diesel! Although the car is comfortable and well equipped the 1.5 petrol engine isn't the most economical and could really do with a little bit of extra power, it feels quite flat at tim
es and not as punchy as i thought a 1.5 engine would be. I'd got the petrol because it was so much cheaper than the diesel but i wished id paid the little extra. Lucky it's only a 2 year deal! Will definitely get another Mini though as its just so much better than all those fiat 500s on the road

Read MoreEmma Simpson2019-04-02

More about Mini leasing:

So what's new this year?

Mini cars have been tested to their limits across the globe this year, including the deserts of Dakar and Goodwood Festival of Speed, where the debut of the latest John Cooper Works MINI was driven by Harry Hunt, racing driver James Hunts' Nephew, who is fastly becoming an accomplished racer himself.

The release of concept designs for the MINI Superleggera two-seater roadster has given the MINI a whole new look. See the MINI website for more information, but this car claims to have "jaw-dropping looks, heart-stopping performance and cutting-edge technology", which seems quite exciting.

As well as that the concept for the next John Cooper Works edition MINI looks savage as well, with red accents on air in-takes & mirrors along with racing stripes and an enlarged roof spoiler.

Reasons to lease a MINI

The latest MINI models are hugely popular not only due to a large number of colour schemes and designs that you can have but because they are simply a fun, nippy car to drive. In terms of leasing a MINI, there are some fantastic reasons too, including the continual offers that we have on them, and also the fact that because each one can be so unique they hold their value well over the period of the leasing term.

Summarised below are reasons to lease a MINI car:

  • Highly customisable car means you drive something unique
  • Great nippy little runaround, or high-performance hot-hatch - both available to lease for Business and Personal use
  • Fantastic value for money with our regularly updated offers which can be tailored to suit you
  • Quality and reliability is assured as MINI cars are built by BMW
  • Having a large range of MINI cars and models means you can choose one that meets your exact needs, such as engine size or body style
  • So you might be really familiar with MINIs by now, or you might have never driven one before, but take a look at the range we offer as it's pretty vast, and we might have a model there that you didn't know about.

  • Once you've had a good look around if you have any questions or queries please give our team a call on 01565 880880, or alternatively, place an enquiry using the online form and someone will be in contact shortly using your preferred method.

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