MG MOTOR UK GS 1.5 TGI Explore 5dr
Mg Motor Uk GS1.5 Tgi Explore 5dr
Business£198.32per month ex. VAT
Personal£237.98per month inc. VAT
MG MOTOR UK GS 1.5 TGI Excite 5dr
Mg Motor Uk GS1.5 Tgi Excite 5dr
Business£230.30per month ex. VAT
Personal£276.36per month inc. VAT
MG MOTOR UK GS 1.5 TGI Exclusive 5dr
Mg Motor Uk GS1.5 Tgi Exclusive 5dr
Business£253.86per month ex. VAT
Personal£304.63per month inc. VAT
MG MOTOR UK GS 1.5 TGI Exclusive 5dr DCT
Mg Motor Uk GS1.5 Tgi Exclusive 5dr Dct
Business£270.31per month ex. VAT
Personal£324.37per month inc. VAT
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Mg Motor Uk

GS1.5 Tgi Explore 5drSnapped up a really cheap deal and didn't know what to expect really. The car looks nice and i got it for a great price but i swapped from a Kia Sportage which was at a similar price bracket but i wis
h i hadnt if im honest because the sportage had a nicer interior and was easier to drive

Read MoreKaren Holdcroft2019-04-09

More about Mg Motor Uk GS leasing:

Why choose an MG GS?

The MG GS is a brand new value crossover that has the luxury of being a brand new vision which means it has the latest tech inside and the most economical engines under the bonnet when compared to some of its rivals. It's got modern good looks, a punchy engine with plenty of zip and the lease prices are quite low for a car that's actually quite big.

This is the perfect car leasing deal for personal customers and business customers.

Engine and Trims

There's only the one engine available which is the zippy 1.6 TGI petrol engine. Its got a 0-62 of 9.6s, 166 break horsepower and a top speed of 118. You can get 46.3 mpg while emitting 139g/km. An automatic version is available.

There are three trim levels available - Explore, Excite and Exclusive. In an MG GS you can expect to see:

  • Xenon headlights
  • LED daytime lights
  • Heated door mirrors
  • 18" alloy wheels
  • Cruise control

Availability, delivery, maintenance and warranty

The MG GS is generally in good supply with quick turnarounds. All MG GS leases come with free nationwide delivery and full manufacturer's warranty. An optional maintenance package is recommended.

Click here to find out more about MG GS warranty.

Other Large Crossovers You Can Lease

The Mg Motor Uk Gs isn't the only large crossover we do! Large Crossovers are just one step away from being fully blown Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs). If what you're after is a large vehicle but don't want to be bogged down by the ower economy and a higher lease price then why not consider some of these other large crossovers which are popular to lease with us right now.

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