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Why Lease a Land Rover?

Established in 1948, the British car manufacturer Land Rover have been specialising in four-wheeled drive vehicles which over the past decade have evolved into a highly desirable family car with off-road capabilities. From their humble beginnings producing the globally popular Defender, Land Rover have developed their popularity with other models due to their extremely high quality feel inside the cabin and their ability to be modified for different uses, for example, for a hunter there is the option to add Overfinch, which is a separate company and comes as a package which includes a drinks cooler and gun storage compartments.

Land Rover have more recently had successes with their newer models such as the Ranger Rover Sport and the Range Rover Evoque, which has single-handedly become the new yummy-mummy car to drive. There's never been a better time or a better choice of Land Rovers to lease.

What's new this year?

There is a new and improved Range Rover Evoque to be released later this year and at the beginning of 2017 which is said to be focusing on upgrading their infotainment systems and the overall quality of technology throughout the cars, which Land Rover believe will almost eradicate any reliability issues. And as well as that we have the new Evoque Convertible.

This year saw the release of the all-new Discovery Sport which is said to replace the ageing Freelander, and we think the new model is absolutely brilliant, especially if you have the 7-seater version as it is perfect for large or growing families. The car is said to be excellently economical too so the days of worrying about a gas guzzler are far behind us, phew!

Reasons to lease a Land Rover

Apart from being a luxurious and popular car to have, there are some other more excellent reasons why leasing a Land Rover could be a great decision. The newest models have Land Rovers brand new technology package called InMotion which provides the platform for this years upgraded infotainment system, included in all new Land Rovers, and which vastly improves the speed, quality and convenience of your driving experience.

As well as that Land Rover are on a technological kick, improving not only the platform inside the car but the features it provides, such as their Autonomous Vehicle technology which aims to connect multiple vehicles in order to share data, so when you swtich cars, your preferences, songs and seat settings will adjust automatically for you. That's some innovation! 

Below are some great reasons to lease a Land Rover:

  • Their all-new technology platform greatly improves driving and updates are to come
  • Luxurious, high quality cabin boasting features of your choosing including drinks cooler
  • Practical cars for working off-road delivering a smooth ride while doing so
  • Legendary heritage from the Defender makes Land Rovers of today hard-wearing and practical family car - see our Personal leasing page
  • Well-rounded range of cars to suit families, businesses and high-class events 

Browse our great range of Land Rovers for Business & Personal lease, which will help to decide which model is right for you or your business. On each vehicle page you'll get more in-depth information about the features included within each one as well as photos, videos and reviews to help you gain a well-rounded idea of your chosen car.

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