Kia Venga Car Leasing Deals UK - 11 found

KIA VENGA 1.4 ISG 1 5dr
Kia Venga1.4 ISg 1 5dr
Business£116.31per month ex. VAT
Personal£139.57per month inc. VAT
KIA VENGA 1.4 ISG 1 Air 5dr
Kia Venga1.4 ISg 1 Air 5dr
Business£124.65per month ex. VAT
Personal£149.58per month inc. VAT
KIA VENGA 1.4 ISG 2 5dr
Kia Venga1.4 ISg 2 5dr
Business£133.57per month ex. VAT
Personal£160.28per month inc. VAT
KIA VENGA 1.6 2 5dr Auto [6]
Kia Venga1.6 2 5dr Auto [6]
Business£148.80per month ex. VAT
Personal£178.56per month inc. VAT
Kia Venga1.6 ISg 3 5dr
Business£151.22per month ex. VAT
Personal£181.46per month inc. VAT
Kia Venga1.4 Crdi 2 5dr
Business£151.33per month ex. VAT
Personal£181.60per month inc. VAT
Kia Venga1.6 3 5dr Auto [6]
Business£160.30per month ex. VAT
Personal£192.36per month inc. VAT
Kia Venga1.6 ISg 4 5dr
Business£162.02per month ex. VAT
Personal£194.42per month inc. VAT
Kia Venga1.6 4 5dr Auto [6]
Business£169.79per month ex. VAT
Personal£203.75per month inc. VAT
Kia Venga1.6 Crdi ISg 3 5dr
Business£170.10per month ex. VAT
Personal£204.12per month inc. VAT
Kia Venga1.6 Crdi ISg 4 5dr
Business£178.76per month ex. VAT
Personal£214.51per month inc. VAT

More about Kia Venga leasing:

Kia Venga Key Points

Even though the Kia Venga isn’t a very well-known car, it definitely makes up for it with a starting list price of £15,610. This is for a 1.6 2 5dr Auto which is the base model Venga. There are also plenty of other trims to choose from if you wanted something a bit sportier or something with a little more inside. If you’re looking for something that is small and economical then the Venga also comes in a diesel engine too.

Why Lease a Kia Venga 

The 1.6 2 5dr auto comes with a 123bhp petrol engine which has a 0-62 speed of 11.8 seconds and has an average 43,5mpg. As standard the Venga is quiet well equipped as it comes with privacy glass, ABS, cruise control speed limiter, reversing aid sensors, folding door mirrors for those tight spaces and Ipod connection. Cosmetically the Venga doesn’t disappoint with 16” alloy wheels, high gloss grille with chrome surround and panoramic electric sunroof now who doesn’t love one of those.

Five reasons to lease a Kia Venga

  1. Great 7 year Manufacturer's Warranty 
  2. Great Looking Car 
  3. Very Well Equipped 
  4. Can Accomodate Five Adults 
  5. Available in Disele and Petrol Engines 


If you want a car which can fit in all the family, has a great boot space for the buggies and is just an all-round excellent car then this Kia Venga. So why not come and take a closer look at our Kia Venga Leasing Deals. Why might just be surprised. 

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