Fiat 500L Hatchback Lease

FIAT 500L HATCHBACK 1.4 Urban 5dr
Fiat 500l Hatchback1.4 Urban 5dr
Business£171.86per month ex. VAT
Personal£206.23per month inc. VAT
FIAT 500L HATCHBACK 1.4 City Cross 5dr
Fiat 500l Hatchback1.4 City Cross 5dr
Business£171.87per month ex. VAT
Personal£206.24per month inc. VAT
FIAT 500L HATCHBACK 1.4 120th Anniversary 5dr
Fiat 500l Hatchback1.4 120th Anniversary 5dr
Business£183.04per month ex. VAT
Personal£219.65per month inc. VAT
FIAT 500L HATCHBACK 1.4 S Design 5dr
Fiat 500l Hatchback1.4 S Design 5dr
Business£185.40per month ex. VAT
Personal£222.48per month inc. VAT
Fiat 500l Hatchback1.4 Cross 5dr
Business£185.60per month ex. VAT
Personal£222.72per month inc. VAT

More about Fiat 500l Hatchback leasing:

Why Choose A Fiat 500L Hatchback?

You don't see that many 500L's roaming the streets of the UK, so if you prefer to go against the grain of the traditional Ford Focuses or Volkswagen Golfs, this Italian little hatchback will be a big contender on your shopping list. It's very functional on the inside, there are lots of hard plastics dotted around the cabin making it easy to clean and even the entry-level models have a reasonably good level of equipment, including heated door mirrors, air conditioning, cruise control and a 5" touch screen infotainment system.

Engines & Trims

There are a wide range of very efficient engines to choose from, with the option for an automatic gearbox if you go for one of the diesel engines. There are also lots of different trim levels, ranging from Urban, Pop Star, Cross, City Cross, Design, Lounge and Mirror. The higher grade you choose will net you extra equipment like larger alloys, larger touchscreen with smartphone mirroring and the latest safety tech.

Fuel Engine Size Transmission 0-62 Horsepower Top Speed Combined MPG CO2
Petrol 1.4L Manual 13.4s 95bhp 109mph 40.9mpg 156g/km
Petrol 1.4L Manual 10.2s 120bhp 117mph 42.2mpg 155g/km
Diesel 1.3L Manual 13.9s 95bhp 106mph 68.9mpg 107g/km
Diesel 1.3L Automatic 14.8s 95bhp 105mph 72.4mpg 104g/km
Diesel 1.6L Manual 10.7s 120bhp 117mph 67.3mpg 112g/km

Availability, Delivery, Maintenance & Warranty

All of our Fiat deals come with the standard manufacturer warranty, along with free nationwide delivery (mainland UK only). As Fiat are a very popular manufacturer in the UK their models are typically readily available from stock.

For more information on Fiat warranty, click here.

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