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Why lease a Dacia?

Dacia (pronounced ‘Datcha’) are a Romanian car manufacturer which started out relatively recently in 1966. The car brand is Romania’s largest exporter amounting to 7.9% of exports. Their parent company Renault is owned by the Nissan group, which may be why the Dacia brand has become more well known. Did you know for example, that Dacia is Europe’s 5th biggest car manufacturer? And in 2014 Dacia sold 511,465 vehicles in over 43 countries, which correlates largely to its quick success in the UK, with reasons for that being due to the recession and customers seeking ever-cheaper vehicles.

Since then we've had a new Duster model introduced to liven up the range along with the Sandero Stepway which has been beefed up and kitted out for off-roading. 

So what's new this year?

The all-new Dacia Duster is out, from £9495, and it has a new trim - Prestige, which brings a sportier, edgier look to the car including 16" diamond cut alloy wheels, side sills and front and rear scuff plates. Inside the Duster there is a new intelligent 3-mode, all-wheel drive system as well as an updated and extended list of optional accessories that bring added comfort, convenience and style such as the chrome styling kit and interior armrests. The Prestige trim includes MediaNav, reversing camera and reverse park assist too.

MediaNav is an all-new infotainment system from Dacia which is centred around a 7" full-colour touchscreen mounted in the centre console and provides features such as sat nav, aux and USB ports to connect devices, Bluetooth connectivity allowing hands-free phone calls and audio streaming.

Reasons to lease a Dacia

Dacia have been awarded with many prizes over the past few years including their latest award for Top 5 Brand in AutoExpress's Driver Power Survey 2016, which means they've made it 3 years in a row. As well as that the Dacia Logan MCV has won the Driver Power Survey award for Best Family Car 2016, which means you have piece of mind that your Dacia is safe, reliable and made for families. In terms of leasing a Dacia that means you'll drive a car that Dacia owners have praised and because the cars are cheap to buy it means they'll be cheap to lease.

Summarised below are some fantastic reasons to lease a Dacia car:

  • Widely acclaimed brand producing affordable vehicles to meet needs of the budget end of the market - means low monthly leasing costs
  • Fairly new manufacturer but one that has taken the industry by storm and has won many awards for its cars
  • A great range of cars to choose from meaning that you can pick one which will best suit you
  • Exceptional value for money on the whole range of Dacias and leasing deals which will save you money
  • Great looking range of cars that will stand the test of time due to good quality materials and build used

Have a good look at the range of Dacia car leasing deals we have and use the tools provided at each model to help you decide which Dacia is right for your lifestyle. Then if you have any questions or wish to make an enquiry then please feel free to call our team on 01565 880880, or place an enquiry using the online form provided and our team will be in contact with you.