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Why lease a Citroen?

Citroen has been in production of their fantastic vehicles since 1919 and was first brought from mere designs to real life by the French automobile manufacturer, Andre Citroen. Citroen are owned by Peugeot and have been since 1976. This brought a lot more financial stability to the brand to ensure that Citroen stays prominent and competitive within the market. 

The main principles that Citroen have built there brand upon is to create ultimately stylish and distinctive cars with Citroen engines aiming to be environmentally friendly by reducing emissions utilising their latest HDi technology and BlueHDi engines. All models in the range are fitted with a special particulate filter which increases power but with fewer emissions and much better fuel economy.

So what's new this year?

The all-new Citroen C3 model has been released, but not for sale just yet here. If you want an idea about what it looks like then picture a C4 Picasso and combine it with the C4 Cactus and then shrink it. It's modern, has some excellent design options and colour schemes, which is one of its main selling points, and awesome interiors. Some of its main features include hill-start assist, blind spot monitoring system, navigation and reverse parking camera. Engines available have not yet been released but there will be a choice of economic petrol and diesel options. The seating position and feel has been totally enhanced with Citroen Advanced Comfort which optimises the cars suspension absorbing more road surface bumps as well as extremely comfortable seats.

Citroen also have a new C4 Picasso, aimed to fill the gap between the C4 Cactus and the C4 Grand Picasso, which comes with a new front face, 17" alloy wheels, stunning deep 3D-effect rear lights, new comfort technology in seating and suspension and loads more. And, it will have 537 litres of boot space.

Reasons to lease a Citroen

With their brand new look and designs the new range of Citroen cars will please anyone with a desire for a unique and boldly designed car filled with great little details that vastly improve the driving experience. As well as that they are relatively cheap to lease, with prices starting from under £100 a month, making them perfect first cars, city runarounds or family cars, and to find out more about Personal car leasing visit the page at the link.

Summarised below are some fabulous reasons to lease a Citroen car:

  • Great new bold designs incorporating a certain theme throughout the car and being highly customisable means your car will be unique to you
  • There are a whole host of different cars in the range of which most are perfect for family cars, first cars and city cars on Personal lease
  • If you're a company with an alternative flair or just love the bold colour schemes on the new range then they'll be perfect for leasing as a fleet, company or as part of a Business lease, see our Business leasing page for more information.
  • Fantastically manufactured engines such as the BlueHDi and PureTech are praised for their low emissions and amazing fuel economy, further making Citroen cars perfect in any type of leasing agreement and will save you money
  • Citroen created some fabulous old vintage cars that are still running today, which goes to show that they'll stand the test of time.

Take a look around our range of Citroen car leasing deals and use the tools provided on each model page to help you decide which Citroen is right for your lifestyle or your Business. If you would like to make an enquiry or simply have a question then please call our team on 01565 880880 or alternatively place an enquiry through our online form and our team will be in contact very shortly.