BMW Z4 Lease

BMW Z4 ROADSTER sDrive 20i Sport 2dr Auto
BMW Z4 RoadsterSdrive 20i Sport 2dr Auto
Business£342.53per month ex. VAT
Personal£411.04per month inc. VAT
BMW Z4 ROADSTER sDrive 20i M Sport 2dr Auto
BMW Z4 RoadsterSdrive 20i M Sport 2dr Auto
Business£356.06per month ex. VAT
Personal£427.27per month inc. VAT
BMW Z4 ROADSTER sDrive 30i Sport 2dr Auto
BMW Z4 RoadsterSdrive 30i Sport 2dr Auto
Business£396.22per month ex. VAT
Personal£475.46per month inc. VAT
BMW Z4 ROADSTER sDrive 30i M Sport 2dr  Auto
BMW Z4 RoadsterSdrive 30i M Sport 2dr Auto
Business£409.76per month ex. VAT
Personal£491.71per month inc. VAT
BMW Z4 RoadsterSdrive M40i 2dr Auto
Business£462.21per month ex. VAT
Personal£554.65per month inc. VAT

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Thinking Of Leasing A BMW Z4 ?

The BMW Z4 is the sleek and agile 2 seated sports roadster, it has a timeless design which will still turn heads in the years to come. If you’re looking for a swift convertible with beautiful aesthetics and a brilliant pedigree, this is the motor for you to cast your gaze over.


The Z4 is available in manual and automatic transmissions. The Z4 engines start from the 20i – 30i, which you can lease as the standard sDrive or the BMW M Sport. The top-spec Z4 M40i variant sports a throaty 3.0-litre twin turbo engine used in the M140i & M240i. Take a look at the engine table below to see the full stats:

Engine Name Fuel Engine Size Transmission 0-62 Horsepower Top Speed Combined MPG CO2
sDrive20i Petrol 2.0L Automatic 6.6s 197bhp 149mph 46.3mpg 139g/km
sDrive30i Petrol 2.0L Automatic 5.4s 258bhp 155mph 46.3mpg 139g/km
M40i Petrol 3.0L Automatic 4.6s 340bhp 155mph 38.2mpg 168g/km

You would lease this car if you wanted a thrill every time you step into the car. You’d lease this car if you wanted a motor with a timeless design, great engine choices and brilliant interior and exterior design. The interior is a wonderful place to be, It's compact and sporty, includes everything you’d need inside such as satellite navigation, BMW professional DAB radio and MP3 and an auxiliary socket for an external device. You have the choice to choose from a leather interior or you can choose the carbon interior for a sportier design. The exterior looks fantastic with the big 19” alloy wheels and the streamlined body with the bold statement grille at the front of the car.

  • Streamlined Body  
  • High Quality Interior 
  • Perfect roadster for thrills 
  • BMW reliability and pedigree 
  • Timeless design 


If you were to lease this car you would feel the thrill and exhilaration of this great motor. You’d have a car with a brilliant interior, which is compact, comfortable, sporty and it contains everything that you will need in a sports car like this. The exterior is just beautiful and streamlined, the way a sports roadster should be. It creates a statement and when this car pulls up next to you, you’d want to be the person driving it.

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