BMW X6 Leasing - 5 found

BMW X6 xDrive30d M Sport 5dr Step Auto
BMW X6Xdrive30d M Sport 5dr Step Auto
Business£504.92per month ex. VAT
Personal£605.90per month inc. VAT
BMW X6 xDrive40d M Sport 5dr Step Auto
BMW X6Xdrive40d M Sport 5dr Step Auto
Business£531.28per month ex. VAT
Personal£637.54per month inc. VAT
BMW X6 xDrive30d M Sport Edition 5dr Step Auto
BMW X6Xdrive30d M Sport Edition 5dr Step Auto
Business£532.85per month ex. VAT
Personal£639.42per month inc. VAT
BMW X6 xDrive40d M Sport Edition 5dr Step Auto
BMW X6Xdrive40d M Sport Edition 5dr Step Auto
Business£555.20per month ex. VAT
Personal£666.24per month inc. VAT
BMW X6Xdrive M50d 5dr Auto
Business£625.19per month ex. VAT
Personal£750.23per month inc. VAT

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Key BMW X6 Points

The X6 is a wild looking car and it has got a 258 bhp engine with an 8 speed semi-automatic gearbox. The X6 comes as either the standard SE edition or you can up the ante and choose the BMW M Sport edition for that extra punch. xDrive 4 wheel drive comes as standard on all the X6 range as well as satellite navigation, Bluetooth, DAB digital radio, auxiliary point to plug in your devices and the X6 driving assist.

Why lease a BMW X6

The X6 is a brilliant motor with rugged looks and a huge personality. The car has many gadgets as standard, it has a brilliant exterior and an even better interior. The interior is comfortable and spacious, whilst still retaining that sporty edge inside. In the front you have the BMW centre console with your multifunction wheel. The front dashboard is very well laid out and it looks like serious kit. The X6 has the best of both worlds as it’s spacious and luxury but it has that powerful engine and it looks like a serious sports motor.

  • Spacious Interior
  • BMW xDrive as standard
  • Plentiful amounts of technology as standard
  • Bold design
  • Great miles to the gallon


The X6 is a big car with the practicalities of a smaller car and a 4x4. You have the spacious inside and the big boot for the weekly shop and long journeys. You also have the 4-wheel drive, allowing you to take this machine off road. The X6 is a luxury BMW and it really does show you that. If you want a big car with bold looks and big engine and a luxury spacious interior, lease this car.

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