Car Allowance Scheme

Using a company car allowance

Recieving cash for a car has been around for a quite while and has been used as an added incentive towards a new role – with the rapid changes and decreasing prices in the car leasing industry never has there been a time where a car allowance can go even further.

Speeding up the application

Generally, an application recieving a car allowance will be processed much quicker as there is a guarantee of funds being in place specifically for the car. Not only that, the client also knows of a clear budget one what they can spend – this can make the process of choosing a vehicle much easier as they already know what they can afford.

Fantastic benefits

On top of the benefits already mentioned a car allowance scheme ensure that the driver experiences worry free driving as they can fit our incredible maintenance package without any extra costs to themselves as an individual – it is as good as a company car but now you get a choice.