Why Would Someone Opt For A Short Term Car Lease?

A contract option available as part of our business car leasing, short term car lease contracts will be taken out by a range of businesses for a whole variety of reasons. 

What is a short term car lease? 

From supplying a temporary employee with short term access to a vehicle, or as a pre lease while awaiting for a new business car to arrive. Whatever the reason, the short term car leasing option is perfect for businesses who simply want to lease a car for less than the average period of time. 

The exact period of your contract can be determined between you and your leasing provider. At All Car Leasing we can offer contracts anywhere between 3 months and 24 months, providing you the flexibility to suit your needs. 

Types of Business That May Require A Short Term Lease 

As previously mentioned, a short term car lease is available for a wide range of reasons, so the types of businesses who lease cars on a short term contract varies greatly. 

From SMEs to partnerships, sole traders, and limited companies, both small and large sized businesses may find a reason to lease a vehicle for a shorter period of time. Larger limited companies, for example, may have offered external sales employees a monthly car budget within a new role, and may require a short term lease, awaiting the arrival of their new car. 

Smaller companies or partnerships may wish to use a short term lease for the use of a pool car. This is a car that is intended for use by multiple members of staff for business purposes only. Often a great solution for transport when a small team needs to get to and from particular events or occasions, and can keep this car at the business premises overnight.

We have found 3 months to be one of the most popular short term contract lengths for businesses looking for a temporary car lease. This is usually because the car is needed for a specific job, person, or role. However, the budget may also impact this decision, this is because short term leasing will almost always be cheaper than daily car rentals. 

What is included in the short term car leasing contract? 

As well as the pick of vehicles we have available for short term leasing, at All Car Leasing you will find several other features are included in your contract. This includes glass and tyre replacement, full accident management, annual mileage allowances from 20,000 miles up to 40,000 miles, a £250.00 damage waiver, and more. 

Also offering the option to lease an electric or hybrid vehicle, we have a great range of vehicles available to choose from, to suit any requirements. Plus, our delivery time is between 5-7 days (depending on availability) to ensure you have the keys to your car as quickly as possible. 

Restrictions of a short term lease 

Although there are very few restrictions to a short term lease, there are some conditions that you should be aware of. Short term leasing from All Car Leasing is only available to business customers, if you require a personal car lease deal, these can be found here. Businesses who do wish to sign a short term car lease agreement must also be registered in the UK. These businesses must have at least 1 set of audited accounts, before signing the contract. 

Our minimum short term lease is 3 months, we are not able to offer daily or weekly leasing. 

For more information about the conditions of our car leasing contracts, please get in touch with the office. 

Factors to consider before signing the dotted line 

If you are interested in a short term lease of a vehicle from our range, it is always a good idea to consider several factors before you sign the dotted line. 

As with any business contract, you want to ensure that you have the means to pay the agreed fixed monthly payments. If you are unable to pay for the lease, you will need to return the car before the end of the contract. If this is the case, it is important to let us know so we can discuss any payments that are outstanding with you.  

You will also need to consider the type of vehicle you require and what you intend to use it for. Our range of available vehicles is vast, so we can guarantee there will be a vehicle to suit your business needs.

You should also think about the fuel types that work best for your business. If you would prefer to opt for the more sustainable option we have an excellent selection of electric vehicles, including Tesla models, available on a short term contract. However, it is important to be sure you have access to electric vehicle charging points.