Who Can Drive Your Leased Car?

There’s plenty of questions and queries we are presented with by customers when they are considering leasing a car for the first time. One of the most common questions we are asked is “who can drive my leased car?”.


For most families one car will often be shared between several drivers, despite the fact that the car belongs to one family member specifically. This is useful for a number of reasons from helping with chores, to responding to emergencies, and supporting family members when other vehicles are out of use.


Despite much speculation surrounding this question, it is indeed a myth that only one driver can drive a leased car.

Sharing your car with other drivers

Much like any other type of car ownership, leased cars can indeed be shared amongst multiple drivers. Which is ideal for families and couples who want to be able to use this vehicle for various means. Whether you’re carpooling to and from work, need two drivers to cover the school pick-up throughout the week, or simply want to ensure you always have a designated driver, there are almost no limitations when it comes to sharing your car with others. Just as long as you are insured correctly…


Having the right insurance

If you’re intending to share the driving of your leased car between you and one or two other fully-licensed drivers, you must ensure that you have the correct car insurance. When insuring your leased car you must list all named drivers on your policy, so your insurance company is aware of the possible drivers of your vehicle. This will include providing details about who they are and how long they have been driving for in the UK. Whoever is the leaseholder of the car leasing contract is in charge of the designated drivers and must ensure all these drivers are fully covered by the insurance policy.


When insuring a leased car this must be covered by a fully comprehensive insurance policy. This can be provided by a wide range of insurance providers in the UK.

Rules for sharing your leased car

When there’s a contract involved, you should be aware that there will always be some restrictions. Two rules to follow when sharing a leased car are:


  • All drivers must be on the insurance policy


  • Sub-leasing is not allowed and is against the terms and conditions of your car lease contract.


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