Throwback Thursday - Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper is an iconic British car and one that has gone down in history for its racing pedigree, its comedy value and is even being re-lived in many variations with the modern Mini. Such as the

Mini History

The first Mini was introduced in August 1959 with the Austin Seven and Morris Mini-Minor. In 1961 the Mini Cooper was debuted thanks to Formula One and Rally car builder and designer John Cooper who recognised the racing potential of the nimble city car. The car went on to win a whole host of championships in various forms including the British Saloon Car Championship 1961, '62, '69, '78 and '79 the Mini dominated the top 9 positions in the 1966 Gallaher 500 at Bathurst.


Many people have either own or been in a Mini whether it was a classic or a modern version. The car remains iconic thanks in part to its time on the silver screen. The car has featured in action films such as The Bourne Identity and the ever classic The Italian Job (1969 and 2003). The modern car features in the Adam Sandler film Pixels as well as the 2002 Austin Powers in Goldmember. The car was also a heavy feature to Rowan Atkinson's Mr Bean.


The modern Cooper hatchback comes with a 1.5-litre engine a little more power than the 997 cc, 55 bhp original engine. The car has also grown a little since its conception the 3m length has increased to 3.8m. The width had height have also increased from 1.4 and 1.3 to 1.9 and 1.4 respectively. The top speed has also improved to 130 from 77 mph. Despite all of the increases in size the engine typically gives drivers 62.8 mpg combined. To compare the specs of a New Mini Hatchback 1.5 (Chili Pack) call our team on 01565 880880.


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