The Strangest Car Optional Extras: Part 1

Strangest Optional Extras

When you buy a new car, it's very rare that you'll be happy with the way it comes as standard. Whether you want to add some extra airbags, sat-nav, or an armrest, the majority of people always want to add something. However, these accessories and optional extras are a little out of the ordinary and aren't things you'd necessarily expect to find in any regular options list.

Holland & Holland Range Rover

Land Rover's joining with the company Holland & Holland led to a few unusual additions to the typical Range Rover. The £180,000 vehicle was released in 2014 and was the most luxurious version of the prestigious brand, with bespoke extras including a gun cabinet in the boot. This might seem strange but it's by no means the strangest on this list - keep reading.

Overfinch and Holland & Holland

When Overfinch and Holland & Holland joined forces, things got even weirder, but with the essential country walks - and picnics - still clearly in mind, they came up with an utter gem. The 2009 Holland & Holland Range Rover by Overfinch included a drinks cabinet in the back which was regularly refilled by Holland & Holland throughout the first year - pretty impressive, right?


People that have everything are not easy to buy for, but these Bentley extras could be the gift you're looking for. Four self-levelling wheel centres for £500, why not. These guys stay completely level even at speeds of 70mph. It's not just a Bentley offering though, Rolls Royce offers a very similar feature.


Now, you might not consider the Kia Soul to be one of the cool cars on the block, but that could be about to change. This quirky little optional extra makes your speakers flash in time with your funky beats. They also have a mood lighting feature, so they change colour with your mood - pretty cool right?!


Just because Rolls Royce did it first, doesn't mean Vauxhall can't do it too. As a feature much cheaper than that offered by Rolls Royce, the starlight roof lining adds a little glamour to the little Vauxhall Adam. Don't you worry, this is certainly not the end of the list of weird and wonderful optional extras, part two is coming your way very soon. To speak to one of our account managers about optional extras call 01565 880 880. Or click here to see our latest leasing offers