Why Lease a Bentley?

Founded by HM Bentley and WO Bentley in 1919, in Cricklewood, Bentley is a British luxury automaker now owned by Volkswagen AG and sells its vehicles by franchised dealers worldwide. Their founding vision was to combine luxury with performance and their consecutive motor racing victories in the 1920s is said to have given the brands vision its credibility.

Today Bentley cars are owned by people from all walks of life such as famous sportspeople, pop stars, and royalty. It is not uncommon to see a Bentley Continental around Britain almost on a daily basis and the cars are seen as a token of wealth due to their prestigious reputation. But, don't get confused with Rolls Royce. The cars may slightly resemble each other but keep in mind that Bentley cars are made for performance as well as luxury.

Reasons to Lease a Bentley

It goes without saying how luxurious and expensive Bentley cars are, and that means they are only available to those with a certain amount of wealth, normally. When you lease a Bentley you'll be paying a fraction of what it costs to own one of these cars and adding our maintenance package onto your lease gives you an extra piece of mind that expensive servicing and tyre replacements are taken care of from day 1. This brand of car is like none other in the world, so you'll be driving a car from an extremely prestigious automaker. These cars also make perfect Business leasing vehicles as they turn heads everywhere they go, so from an executive point of view, you'll be winning.

Summarised below are some brilliant reasons to lease a Bentley car:

  • Unmistakable brand of car with expensive, high profile reputation
  • Perfect for Business and Personal leasing as the cars are impressive to look at and are extremely smart
  • Bentley combine luxury with performance so you'll not only be driving an excellent looking car, but you'll also be driving a powerful one too
  • Pay a fraction to lease a Bentley compared to what it would cost to buy, especially with our great value maintenance package
  • Fantastic exterior and interior designs mean that you'll definitely turn heads wherever you go.

Is Bentley reliable?

It is true that Bentley’s don’t have the highest reputation when it comes to reliability. However, when you lease a brand new Bentley with us, you don’t have to worry about any sort of deterioration. You are guaranteed a brand new Bently, with up to date technologies, and thoroughly inspected before being handed over to you.

Is Bentleys High Maintenance?

Yes, Bentley’s are incredibly prestigious cars, and with that comes high maintenance. However, another benefit of leasing with us is that you can choose to include our maintenance package, which means we’ll take care. Learn more here.

If you would like a car that has the luxury but lower maintenance, then check out some alternatives, such as Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

So what’s new this year?

Bentley has released their road-going performance car - the GT3-R, which they say is the most uncompromising and focused road car that they have ever made. They have introduced more carbon fibre, a titanium exhaust while removing the rear seats to make this car 100kg lighter than the lightest Continental V8. They have lowered the ride height and so the centre of gravity which enables it to provide tighter handling and faster cornering. This car also has a shortened final drive ratio for the 8-speed Quickshift transmission and enhanced calibration to make gear shifts even quicker. The transmission changes, new engine design and reduced weight all complement each other to give the quickest acceleration of any road-going Bentley of 0-60mph in just 3.6 seconds. The interior is absolutely stunning with Alcantara and Beluga leather with a pea-green accent and the latest Bentley infotainment technology.

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