Most Popular Manufacturers Of May (SMMT)

Most Popular Manufacturers Of May (SMMT)
15 Jun 2020
By Ross WIld
Although it’s thought to be a dark time in the automotive industry due to the impact of coronavirus, the SMMT, or society of motor manufacturers and traders, has given insight into the most popular manufacturers by registration for the month of May; and have proved that the market’s still booming. The month of May has seen an increase in vehicle registrations from the months prior, meaning that leasing has become a popular method of attaining a brand new vehicle in these unprecedented times. So... what are the most registered manufacturers and what kind of vehicles have people been registering? 


Ford Banner

Registrations - 2,111

The most successful manufacturer for the month of May has been Ford, with 2,111 vehicle registrations. Ford is one of the most popular manufacturers in the UK and offers a wide range of vehicles catered for just about everybody; from the Fiesta all the way to the astounding Mustang. Our most popular leased Ford vehicles are the Ford Fiesta, Focus and Kuga due to the affordability of the vehicles and the amazing amount of kit you get with them. The Fiesta in itself is the most popular vehicle in the UK and offers a variety of different specs from standard, all the way to the performance Fiesta ST.

Most Popular Models To Lease:



Mercedes Banner

Registrations - 2,002

The second most popular manufacturer in terms of registrations for May was Mercedes-Benz. The fashionable German manufacturers offer a wide range of luxurious vehicles which all completely differ in size and are a popular manufacturer to lease due to their affordable finance rates. The introduction of the brand new A-Class hatchback in 2019 saw an increase in sales for Mercedes coupled with a fresh revamp on most models for 2020 so it’s not surprising to see their success for May 2020.

Most Popular Models To Lease:

A-Class Hatchback
C-Class Saloon


Audi Banner

Registrations - 1,501

Audi is next on the list with a total of 1,501 registrations for the month of May. Audi is one of the oldest and most well-known manufacturers across the world, so there is no surprise to hear a story of success. During the dark times of the coronavirus outbreak, we have been able to offer some of the most affordable rates on some of the most sought after vehicles within Audi’s range. Their vehicles offer some of the most up to date technology within the automotive industry and are known for their luxurious interiors, powerful engines and safety assistance features.

Most Popular Models To Lease:

A6 Saloon

A5 Coupe
A3 Sportback


BMW Banner

Registrations - 1,472

If you're a fan of German-made vehicles, you must be a fan of BMW. Just behind Audi, there were 1,472 vehicle registrations last month with the most popular being the 3-Series Saloon. The BMW badge in itself tempts a lot of motor enthusiasts to pursue a lease with a BMW vehicle, never mind the performance and comfort that come with them. Our close relationship with dealers nationwide allows us to offer some of the very best discounts across the BMW range. Be sure to check out our latest special offers and manufacturer page to find your ideal BMW today.

Most Popular Models To Lease:

3-Series Saloon
1-Series Hatchback


Registrations - 1,197

We weren’t surprised to see Volkwagen hit the top 5 with 1,197 registrations, due to their popularity within the leasing industry. The Golf R, GTI and GTD are amongst some of the most sought after vehicles for those who enjoy the ride of a performance car, and leasing one provides the opportunity to drive one affordably. Quality German engineering has gone into each and every single one of the vehicles within VW’s range making the manufacturer a very popular choice. Volkswagens are known for their reliability, practicality and performance.

Most Popular Models To Lease:

Golf Hatchback

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