New Skoda Fabia SUV decided for 2018

New Skoda Fabia SUV decided for 2018
24 Feb 2017
By Natalie Brand

This is an old article. The leasing page for the Skoda Karoq is here.

Skoda Fabia SUV 2018 (Vision X)

Images and details have been released about their latest creation and vital new member of the range, their small SUV, which is yet to be named but is rumoured to be filling the gap between the Fabia hatch and the Yeti.  The small SUV sector of the auto market is packed to the rafters as we well know. There seems to be a new one each month. Skoda however, may be launching a small SUV but not one that we'll predict in looks or usefulness according to industry sources.

Their new model is directly targeting the Nissan Juke and the likes of the Citroen C4 Cactus which are both popular, unique looking small family cars but Skoda aims to bring something out-of-the-box to the current sector choices. Now that this new car has been approved for production, Christian Strube, a part of Skoda's research and development board has said at the Paris Motor Show that the development and production of the car are now underway, saying, "we are talking about a smaller lifestyle SUV. I am already working on it." Skoda are attempting to change the template for small SUVs by bringing to market a car that offers genuine practicality and is apparently supposed to be longer, wider and taller than the current Fabia hatch, something completely different and allowing them to offer more space than the class average.

Skoda Fabia SUV

In turn, the Yeti which has been axed will be replaced by the bigger Kodiaq that will be a direct rival to the Qashqai, leaving space in the range below for the new car. The new car looks to have a sharp, refined exterior with some eye-catching alloys and lots of chrome along with the wider body it looks quite imposing, not something you'd feel inferior on the road in. When developing the Yeti, Skoda was clever by designing and producing a vehicle completely unto itself in terms of shape, features and efficiency, and it looks like they're intending to bring something equally in a league of its own with this next range addition.

Volkswagen group are building quite a few little SUVs apparently, with the new VW crossover set to take the platform of the Golf and be a rival to the big hitters such as the Qashqai and the Juke. What's interesting is that now this share in the market has been torn into so many pieces of all shapes and sizes it'll be good to see where the next automotive trend will arise from, with some saying that the SUV bubble will inevitably burst sooner or later. What do you think the next big auto sector will be, if any?

If you'd like more information about Skoda's new models, the range we currently offer to privately lease or to ask a question about anything else, please feel free to call 01565 880880, or alternatively visit our Skoda hub page on our website where you can view the latest offers on the range.

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