Cars To Look Forward To In 2019

Cars To Look Forward To In 2019
30 Nov 2018
By Chris Taylor

As the new year slowly draws in, it's time to start getting excited for factory orders to open on some of the snazziest models revealed by manufacturers at various auto shows throughout the past year. Since the start of 2018 we've been inundated with cross-overs like the new Volvo XC40 and lots of other SUV style models, but with so many exciting models teased throughout the past year it's looking like 2019 will be the year of both performance models and hybrid/electric vehicles. There's a good balance of both entirely new marques and face-lifted models on the way, so if you're gathering a mental wish-list be sure to keep your eye out for the models in this article!

BMW 8 Series

The 8 Series is BMW's new flagship model as-well-as their first ever luxury sports car. The first 8 Series model was announced halfway through the year, however, BMW has recently revealed that a convertible variant will also be joining the range, with a Gran Coupe model to arrive at a later date. Most of the hype has surrounded the high-performance 'M850i' edition, sporting a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 capable of reaching 0-62 in 3.7 seconds - given the enormous size and weight, it'll be no surprise to you that the 8 series uses xDrive all-wheel-drive technology to achieve that time.New BMW 8 Series

Volvo S60

An S60 face-lift has been long overdue, but since Volvo has decided to refresh their entire range it was only a matter of time until we saw a modernised S60. They've done an absolutely fantastic job - the new model looks incredibly sleek and shares many of the same interior features as the range-topping XC90, such as the tablet-style infotainment screen minimalist dashboard design (as is Volvo tradition).Volvo S60

Audi A1

The Audi A1 has been immensely popular since it's debut and is available as a Sportback, it's now back with a second generation model after it's minor face-lift back in 2015. The range-topping engine is actually the same engine used in the latest Volkswagen Polo GTI - a 2-litre, 197bhp petrol engine with a 0-62 time of 6.5 seconds. An S1 model hasn't been announced just yet, but we're sure it's soon to come after the success of the last one.New Audi A1

Peugeot 508

Peugeot has really surprised the motoring industry with the new 508, many motoring journalists have raved about the interior overhaul and sleek new shape, you could argue it's now as good as its Skoda Superb rival! Along with plush leather seats, you get an upgraded infotainment system styled similarly to the latest DS 7 Crossback and an interior designed to 'cocoon' around you.Peugeot 508

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