Most Popular Car Colours 2018

Most Popular Car Colours 2018
04 Feb 2019
By Chris Taylor

If you've ever wondered why you see so many White cars out on the road, you may have already put two and two together and realised that manufacturers provide White paint on their brand new cars free of charge and that some motorists don't fancy paying extra for metallic or pearlescent paint - which is a very valid reason, though in some cases opting for metallic paint can improve the residual value of your car, which would make monthly rentals a tad cheaper.

New figures from The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders indicate that while White paint was recently the most popular colour for four years in a row, over the past two years the top spot has now been taken by Black in 2017 and Grey for 2018. What's interesting is that manufacturers are now creating more and more metallic/special variants of White paint, such as Volkswagen's White Silver or Oryx White Mother of Pearl, as opposed to providing White paint as the standard colour.

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The runner up (Black) was bested by a mere 0.7% with the next step down (White) being a more significant 1.9%. Red has performed consistently in 5th place - this colour is typically favoured by manufacturers when launching a new model to help the car stand out in press photos - a method which Audi are most known for using - however isn't as popular of a choice on everyday commuter cars, these days Red is commonly seen on the likes of Ford Fiesta ST's or Toyota GT86's (and among other sportier models). As for Green, while the statistics clearly indicate that their isn't much demand for Green cars, there aren't many manufacturers that actually offer this as a choice, in recent years Mercedes-Benz offered a metallic green paint on select A-Class models (though this is no longer available since the release of the new model), though you don't see many of them at all. Skoda, however, offer the option for Green paint across the majority of their range.

So judging by the results, it would appear that the UK is opting for more conservative colours on their brand new cars, with the last time a primary colour making the most popular choice being a whopping 20 years ago!

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