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Mini 1.5 Cooper with Pepper Pack

Mini have stepped up their game with their latest generation of Mini models, bringing bigger size, better quality and a whole host more detail to their unmistakable cars. This is set to increase their popularity even more (if that's possible!) and we have set our awesome deals so that you can lease one at a great price. But, we're not going to ram them down your throats, we're going to explain here exactly what the Pepper Pack is and why you need it on your Mini. The newest model of the 5-door Mini Cooper Hatch is much longer than its predecessor as you might have seen already, which also means the wheelbase is longer, giving you and your passengers 72mm of extra space inside. As well as that the interior design has been given an update, leaving scratchy plastics behind and incorporating a new central console with Mini's unique design making sure that if you were blind-folded and put into this car, you would instantly know once the blindfold was removed that it could only be a Mini you were sitting in.
The interior has not only had a face-lift but it has a very mature feel inside due to the obvious improvements in material quality used throughout. The steering wheel looks racier, and with the Pepper pack you get the Sport leather steering wheel with mounted controls for your devices, the centre console, automatic air conditioning systems and cruise control (if you opt for it).
Also with the Pepper pack comes automatic rain sensing windscreen wipers which has 4 levels of sensitivity which you can adjust to how you like. As well as that the Pepper pack includes automatic light-sensing headlights which saves you fiddling around with the switch when it's paramount that your full concentration is on the road ahead. Additionally the Pepper pack includes those classic fog lights which look awesome all day long and give you some extra visibility in tough conditions, or if you're on a dark country lane and want some extra strength to your existing lights.

What Mini have done that we have never heard of before is using some ingenuity from commercial vehicles to create exceptionally clever storage compartments that really make use of the space available, especially now that there's much more to play with. In the Pepper pack it has this storage compartment feature included and with it you get a 2-part load-compartment floor, 4 extra lashing eyelets and a floor net, and for simple loading and unloading the loading shelf can be fixed in place behind the rear seats. Clever eh?
It's easy to recognise where Mini have noticed room for improvement, and then they've gone and made extra sure none of us will complain about any lacking aspects of the car.
To give you an indication of the leasing package you could have if you wanted one of these fantastic cars, we've outlined our best offer below:
The lease term is over 24 months with 12 months initial payment and a mileage of 5,000 per year = £134.22 per month.
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