Matching Car Paint Without Code

If you are unfortunate enough to scratch your car and need a quick paint cover-up, sometimes it can be really confusing as to what the actual colour code of your car is. You will usually find it on the inside of the driver's door, but sometimes it can't be found anywhere; leaving you wondering how you resolve your paint problem. Some services will offer to combine shades to try and find the perfect colour, but even this won't resemble the exact colour that your vehicle came in when it was brand new.

For this reason, driver's tend to either leave the scratch or struggle to find a resolution. This blog will explain exactly how you can match car paint without a code.

Why do you need to find your car paint code?


If your car gets scratched by an individual or just through generic wear and tear, many drivers feel that it's necessary to have the scratches covered up. Especially, when coming to sell the vehicle if you own it.  


Weathering is inevitable, so having a touchup is common practice. Making the car look newer and fresher. 


If you were to be caught in a collision, some of the body parts of your car may need to be replaced or restored. 

To Colour Primer Parts  

When new parts are ordered for your vehicle it will come in a primer, and the manufacturer/supplier will need to know what car paint code they need to match the colour with your vehicle.

Matching car paint without code

Here are some of the ways in which you can find vehicles paint without a code:Check service history of the vehicle

The first way in which you can potentially find a code is to check the service history of the vehicle, it should be displayed there.

Check owners manual 

Similar to checking the service history, checking your owners manual may also direct you to the vehicles paint code.

Research your vehicle's exact model on Google

If you can't find the code through the vehicles service history and the owners manual, you may also be able to find it by searching the exact model of your vehicle in a search engine. Many websites will backlog vehicles mfg paint colours and codes, making it easier to find than ever before.

Spectrophotometer machines

You most likely haven't heard of a spectrophotometer machine before, it's actually a piece of equipment used to analyse colour measurement. It provides spectral analysis and presents data so precise that the human eye would not be able to identify the exact colour. Using one of these machines is great if you are unable to find a legitimate car paint code anywhere at all, and can usually be found at specialist suppliers and paint shops.

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