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What does road tax pay for?

What does road tax pay for?

13 Sep 2019
By Ronnie Lawson-Jones
What is road tax Road tax, otherwise known as road fund license, vehicle excise duty (VED), vehicle tax, car tax and the former tax disc is annual government taxation payable by anyone with a roadworthy vehicle. It is enforced by the DVLA. The amount which you pay depends on the vehicle and much co...
Which manufacturers do the Volkswagen Group own?

Which manufacturers do the Volkswa...

28 Aug 2019
By Ross Wild
The Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen AG) is one of the most notorious automotive manufacturing companies out there and at this moment of time, are the world’s largest automaker in terms of sales. They are known for their domination of the market with their luxurious car manufacturing brands which popu...
How Does Car WiFi Work?

How Does Car WiFi Work?

01 Aug 2019
By Ross Wild
These days people can’t go five minutes without using the wifi to check social media, respond to messages or work on the go, and driving in the car is one of the only places which takes this freedom away from you. Well, you may already know that pre-installed wifi is becoming very popular in new c...
Fact Or Fiction - Are German Cars Really The Best?

Fact Or Fiction - Are German Cars ...

24 Jul 2019
By Chris Taylor
When people talk about cars, a line you'll hear over and over is that German cars are the best. This reputation was previously earned through the roaring success in motorsport (both rally and circuit racing) as German cars became the benchmark for technological advancement and build quality within t...