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Front Wheel Drive VS Rear Wheel Drive

Front Wheel Drive VS Rear Wheel Dr...

26 Nov 2019
By Chris Taylor
Most of the memorable cars from the 20th century were made with a rear-wheel drive setup. It was an era of sports cars which purists look back on fondly to this day. However, just because it was popular back then, is it still the best today?Front Wheel DriveIn the UK, front wheel drive was popularis...
Driving Offences You Didn

Driving Offences You Didn't Know W...

09 Nov 2019
By Ross Wild
Our latest blog explores an endless list of driving offences that you may or may not have known were actually illegal. You may consider yourself a goody-two-shoes when it comes to driving on the road; thinking that you do nothing wrong. Where you might actually be breaking the law on the daily! Chec...
Black Friday Lease Deals

Black Friday Lease Deals

01 Nov 2019
By All Car
Every year Black Friday seems to offer the very best deals from electricals to clothing, and at All Car Leasing we have our best offer this year on a select range of cars, below is our list only available from black Friday 23rd November until cyber Monday 26th November. Deals shown on this page...
Types of Car Paint

Types of Car Paint

02 Oct 2019
By Ross Wild
Types of Car Paint Coming to choose your new car can be one of the most stressful things you have to do in life; questions you have to ask yourself like… which manufacturer? Which body style? How much am I willing to spend? Am I going to lease or finance it? And most importantly, what colour do I...