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Fastest 7 Seaters

Fastest 7 Seaters

18 Feb 2020
By Ronnie Lawson-Jones
Have you been looking for a 7 seater but found them so boring that it put you off and got a 5 seater instead and just made do? Do you have a passion for going really fast and having loads of children ruined it for you?Well, if either of the above is you or you've just got a sick fantasy for massive ...
World Car Of The Year Winners 2010-2019

World Car Of The Year Winners 2010...

06 Jan 2020
By Ronnie Lawson-Jones
Now that we have 2020 vision, let's take a look back at all the winners of this prestigious award who dominated the personal leasing and business leasing market through the decade. 2010 - Volkswagen Polo The fifth-generation Volkswagen Polo was the first world car of the year of the 10s. It w...
Top 17 Christmas Gifts For Car Enthusiasts 2020

Top 17 Christmas Gifts For Car Ent...

16 Dec 2019
By Chris Taylor
It's no secret that car lovers are hard to buy for, everyone has a particular taste in cars and are mostly set in their ways. This year we have wrapped up some traditional and non-traditional gifts you can give to the enthusiast in your life this Christmas.17. EVO Magazine SubscriptionSubs...
What Paid Driving Jobs Are There?

What Paid Driving Jobs Are There?

11 Dec 2019
By Ross Wild
Are you a self-confessed lover of cars and all things driving, but stuck on what you could actually do for a career? Don’t worry... we have compiled a list of 22 completely different paid driving jobs that you could land yourself for a switch up of occupation. 1. Taxi Driver Taxis......