A family in the car with their dog - How Car Leasing Can Keep Up With Your Lifestyle

How Car Leasing Can Keep Up With Your Lifestyle

As you transition through different stages of your life, the requirements you have for your car will likely change. Leasing a car allows drivers to upgrade their vehicle as their needs change. 

Drivers can start with a small car when they begin driving. In their 20s, they can switch to a convertible. And when they have children, they can opt for a family SUV. 

Car models for a range of needs

With so many types of vehicles available to lease, you will find a car to meet your requirements from All Car Leasing. Our huge selection of vehicles from all the major car manufacturers includes small hatchbacks, SUVs, estates, coupes, convertibles, city cars and more. Perfect for every stage of your life. 

The key benefit of personal car leasing throughout your life is having the opportunity to upgrade after several years. With each leasing contract you will reach a point where you can trade in your car for a new model. Perhaps for lifestyle reasons you choose to upgrade from a small hatchback to a large estate car, or downsize from an SUV to a city-car. 

Whatever phase of life you are in, we can certainly find a vehicle model and a car lease deal that meets your requirements. 

Cars for young drivers 

As a young driver develops their driving ability, a small hatchback is often the most popular choice of car. Many parents or guardians will pay a few thousand pounds for a cheap and often older vehicle for their child’s first car. However, this doesn't have to be the case. 

Car leasing is a possible option for young drivers and provides a greater choice of vehicle types and models. Allowing them to drive a brand new vehicle that is safe but practical for them to drive. 

At All Car Leasing we have a great range of smaller and budget-friendly car leasing options with models from Hyundai, Citroen, Fiat and more. Perfect for young and inexperienced drivers, these car leasing agreements are set at a fixed monthly cost, so you can easily set aside a budget in advance. Car leasing is much easier than most think, if you are over 18 and have a valid licence we will consider you for a car leasing contract. 

Cars for families 

As you age and begin introducing young children or pets into the mix, a bigger car is typically a necessity. Completing the school runs, dropping the dog to the groomers, going on family days out, and driving to and from, is made much more comfortable in a spacious and practical SUV or estate. 

Most families however, do not have a spare £30,000+ to buy a brand new car. This is why car leasing has become so popular with young families. In fact, there are an estimated 5 million leased cars on UK roads as of 2023. With so many car lease deals and on some of the most popular car makes and models, families can find a car that ticks all the boxes.  

Cars for older couples 

Moving onto later life, elderly couples may feel a larger car is no longer required and instead seek a smaller model that is easy to drive for short trips to the shop and back. Although some retirees may have the cash to buy a car outright, the short term financial commitment with car leasing is often a more favourable option. What’s more, the option to drive away a brand new model allows older couples the opportunity to access the latest safety features.

How frequently can you upgrade a leased vehicle?

When your personal hire agreement comes to an end, you will not own the vehicle. The car will need to be returned at the end of the lease agreement, however at this point you can choose from a range of new car lease deals. Providing you the perfect opportunity to upgrade to a newer model. Leasing agreements typically last between 2-5 years, however this will depend on the individual vehicle and deal you choose. Throughout this time it is possible to upgrade your car sooner but this must be discussed with your finance provider beforehand. 

To find out more about our current personal car lease deals and find a car that is perfect for you and your lifestyle, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team here at All Car Leasing.