Formula 1 Drivers

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Formula 1 Drivers' Daily Drives

For around 20 weeks of the year, every year, we see our favourite Formula 1 stars thrashing some brilliantly built cars around the world’s most iconic racetracks. We’re used to seeing Hamilton in his Mercedes, Vettel in a Ferrari and Jenson Button driving a McLaren, but these cars aren’t road legal which means they must have something for the every day. Well, we’ve done a little digging and these are our findings.

Lewis Hamilton

It seems Lewis Hamilton doesn’t really like to give up on speed when he’s off the race track, so after his win at the Australian Grand Prix this year, he went out to buy a limited edition Ferrari. LaFerrari is a supercar hybrid with a maximum speed of 217 mph (350 km/h), and the ability of reaching 124 mph (200 km/h) in just seven seconds. Hamilton’s LaFerrari is one of only 499 in existence, and other famous owners include Justin Bieber and Gordon Ramsey.

Jenson Button

When he’s not racing, Button swaps the McLaren for a collection of cars, so we’re guessing he chooses his car depending solely on his mood – although some, like the 1956 VW Campervan, are probably just to be appreciated from a distance. In his collection Button’s cars include a Nissan GT-R, a Honda S600, a Mercedes C63 AMG, a number of Ferraris and his winning Brawn BGP 001. The collection has also previously included a Honda NSX Type R and a Bugatti Veyron – possibly one of the most impressive collections we’ve heard of.

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso is another driver renowned for a collection of cars, although information about said collection seems to have become a little harder to get hold of over the last couple of years. Anyhow, we’ve tried our best to bring you an up to date account of the collection as it stands today. Alonso is known for his relationship with Ferrari, so his ownership of a few of their cars is really no surprise. However, one that probably is a surprise, is the fact that when he’s not racing around the tracks in a McLaren, he likes to bumble along country roads in the nation’s favourite city car, a Fiat 500!

Sebastian Vettel

Perhaps another surprising one for you here, or perhaps not, considering after driving an F1 machine most cars are likely to be a little disappointing. With that in mind it should probably come as no surprise that many of our favourite drivers choose to be practical in their everyday car choices. Vettel therefore chooses to mooch around the Swiss countryside in a VW people carrier – who knew?!