Top Ten Track Day Cars

Every year track day gift cars are bought for loved ones and forgotten about in the draw, however, there are a rare few that go that step further and by their partner or their nearest and dearest a tack car, these are often stripped back variants of otherwise sports car used for every day driving.

Track cars to make this list have to be suitable for the road bypassing the legal requirements but also designed or driven as track-ready cars, matching purpose-built machines at an event.



First on our list is the KTM X-Bow a low slung track car that closely resembles a go-kart than a two-seat sports car, currently 4 model variants are available with the X-Bow GT, R, RR and top of the range GT4. The X-Bow is still available for order today and is track-ready.

0 - 62 (Secs) 3.8
BHP 360
MPG 34
Price 64850
Top Speed (mph) 13
Mercedes A45 AMG

Mercedes A45 AMG

One of the most practical cars on our list the Mercedes A45 AMG is one of the most desirable hot hatchbacks, the AMG 45 is a hardcore performance car that dominated the Mercedes A-Class range. The power and performance of the AMG are only rivalled by the Audi RS3. The stats speak for themselves and despite not losing any luxuries, the car can hold its own.

0 - 62 (Secs) 4.2
BHP 381
MPG 40.9
Price 41320
Top Speed (mph) 155
Ariel Atom

Ariel Atom

One of the original track day car brands the Ariel Atom has adopted the Caterham formula and made it their own with an exposed frame chassis for the ultimate lightweight experience the Ariel Atom is potentially the least practical car in the list, however, it is one of the fastest accelerating cars for the price. The Atom is definitely a fair-weather car in our opinion.

0 - 62 (Secs) 2.8
BHP 320
MPG 31
Price 38000
Top Speed (mph) 162
Morgan Aero GT

Morgan Aero GT

The brand is very exclusive these days and so most people may not have heard of a Morgan and less will have ever seen one in real life but these cars are common on track days not so much for their racing ability or aerodynamic shape straight from the 1930s with a few minor adaptations. The Aero GT doesn't use a wooden body like its softer less powerful variant instead it uses air grade aluminium to shape the body and the wings similar to that used on Spitfire planes with a lightweight chassis reinforced presumably by grit and determination.

0 - 62 (Secs) 4.5
BHP 367
MPG 24
Price 120000
Top Speed (mph) 170
Lotus 3-Eleven

Lotus 3-Eleven

Staying true to the purpose that these cars must be road legal as well as track faring beasts we have chosen the standard Lotus 3-Eleven track car that seats up to two people and has no roof, to save weight. The 3-Eleven is a homage to the racing pedigree that Lotus has held for decades and continues to promote with their livery of cars.

0 - 62 (Secs) 2.9
BHP 460
MPG 22.9
Price 82500
Top Speed (mph) 180
Audi TT RS

Audi TT RS

Another everyday car that has been injected with enough juice to beef up the engine, the output and the racing factor, defending the TT brand from the hairdresser image, most struggle to laugh as one overtakes, undertakes and cuts back to shut the door all over the track. The RennSport version of the TT has everything the road car has and more so comfort will not be a problem getting to the track and back either.

0 - 62 (Secs) 3.7
BHP 294
MPG 34.4
Price 50965
Top Speed (mph) 155
Caterham Superlight Twenty

Caterham Superlight Twenty

No track day car list would be complete without the Caterham 7 or in our case the Superlight Twenty a limited edition that somehow reduced more weight from the 'Kit Car' and gave birth to the track day special vehicles that have entered this list. If the driving experience is what you are looking for in a track car then you won't be disappointed with this choice.

0 - 62 (Secs) 4.9
BHP 135
MPG 57.6
Price 29995
Top Speed (mph) 122
Rimac C Two

Rimac C Two

Not currently available but the Rimac is the track day brand of the future gone will be the sound of turbocharged vs naturally aspirated engines flying around corners and opening the throttles down the straight and replaced by much quicker and quieter electric hypercars that come with a much bigger price tag, reserving them to only the most elite.

0 - 62 (Secs) 1.85
BHP 1888
MPG n/a
Price 1500000
Top Speed (mph) 258
Porsche GT3 RS

Porsche GT3 RS

A track car that has its own racing series and a road-going version that is available to everyone, everyone that is with more than a hundred thousand pounds in their account for a summer weekend toy. The GT3 RS is the 911 homage to the Porsche GT racing series, some creature comforts have been removed for weight but the GT3 RS is a through bred track car.

0 - 62 (Secs) 3.2
BHP 520
MPG 22.1
Price 141346
Top Speed (mph) 193
Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

Unfortunately not available to lease or at all in the UK and not really a track day car the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is reasonable around a track but was dominated by the latest release from Dodge the SRT Demon, this car pack cost just $1 more and comes with super sticky rear tyres slim guidance only front tyres, engine parts and service mods that allow the Demon to do what no car will do again; dominate the quarter-mile, not as popular in the UK but the Dodge Demon was built to be the fastest manufactured drag car in the world. 402.4 metres in just 9.5 seconds.

0 - 62 (Secs) 2.3
BHP 808
MPG 23.95
Price 84995
Top Speed (mph) 168

Unfortunately, no leased vehicle is allowed on a race track as part of the terms and conditions with all of our funders and partners, whether it is a personal lease or business.