COVID-19 Contactless Deliveries

COVID-19 Contactless Deliveries
22 May 2020
By Ronnie Lawson-Jones
We’re all being as cautious as we can during this dreadful pandemic but it’s important to move forward with our lives wherever we can - one of those areas is to be able to drive to work or partake in essential journeys. For those without a car this can be impossible as dealerships up and down the country are closed… enter sanitised and contactless deliveries.

Contactless deliveries have been used occasionally even before COVID-19 in certain circumstances, particularly with luxurious and prestigious vehicles. In the current climate, they are becoming the norm as a way to deliver vehicles to customers without the risk of passing on the potential virus on the surfaces of vehicles.

What is contactless delivery?

A contact-free delivery involves transporting a vehicle on the back of a truck (not driven) and the vehicle to be given a wipe down by the driver using gloves to take it off the truck. No documents to be exchanged and even the keys to be wiped down and placed at a distance.

Social distancing will be undertaken at all times between yourself and the delivery driver.

This minimizes the risk of the virus getting on to any surfaces of your new vehicle especially now that a driver is not present to drive the car to you as would be common before the lockdown. Sadly, this does mean there won’t be anyone to one demonstration of the vehicle but I am sure you will agree with the health and safety of the customer is much more important at this time.

Can I get a contactless delivery?

At time of writing, not all dealerships are open and only a select have started to deliver cars beginning with the backlog of vehicles which were due to be delivered during the lockdown on March 23rd until they were eased in early May (England only).

We can not guarantee a contactless delivery as it depends on the supplier's availability of drivers and trucks, but we do encourage any customer who desires a contactless delivery to make it clear to us at the earliest opportunity or the supplying dealer if they contact you directly.

If you are a key worker or high risk it will improve the likelihood of a contactless delivery so please make sure you make your situation clear to us at the point of enquiry - we will always strive to make sure we deliver our cars as safely as possible for those who need it the most.

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