Best Cheap Automatic Lease Cars

With congestion getting increasingly worse, many drivers are now opting for an automatic transmission car as opposed to the traditional manual to make their everyday commute that little bit easier and eliminate 'clutch ache'. With modern automatic gearboxes having improved quite significantly over the past decade, they can change gears much faster than in a manual and in some cases offer a much higher and more consistent MPG. driving a manual may eventually become a thing of the past if the future of motoring is geared towards hybrid and electric vehicles, which are exclusively automatics due to the lack of moving parts and 'lack' of actual gears. Read on to see our top five affordable automatic cars for both personal car leasing and business car leasing.

Fiat 500

At the time of writing this blog, the Fiat 500 wins the prize for being the most affordable automatic, though the Kia Picanto was a close second by roughly £5 a month - the 500 hasn't changed its timeless retro styling since its conception, but a lot of progress has been made on the interior and the 500 marque has a huge range of trim levels available to choose from, along with a convertible model. It's an incredibly popular city-car and has won tons of awards over its lifetime.

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Pros   Cons
+ Oldschool looks   - Very common to see
+ Makes city driving a breeze   - Noisy when driving at speed
+ Wide variety of trims available         - Doesn't change gears as fast as other automatics out there


Honda Jazz

The Jazz has an incredibly competitive price given how much you actually get for the money, It's got the largest boot in the super-mini segment thanks to its boxy shape and has a choice of economical engines of varied power output. Now with its new facelift, the Jazz sports a much more modern look and no doubt lead to the model winning an Honest John award for being the most popular small hatchback.

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Pros   Cons
+ Good size boot   - Only available with a petrol engine
+ Sporty looks   - Uninspiring rear-end
+ Great passenger space for a car of its size         - Not much sound deadening 


Citroen C3

As far as small hatchbacks go, it's safe to say that the C3 is on the quirkier side when it comes to styling, but looks aside the C3 is the car to choose if comfort is a priority for you, the suspension is soft and will iron out shock from potholes easier than most smaller hatchbacks will and there's a nice amount of sound deadening to minimise road and engine noise. It's even available as a 'convertible' model!


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Pros   Cons
+ Eye-catching looks   - Lots of hard plastics inside
+ Very comfortable   - Not as fun to drive as others
+ Loads of customisation options         - No 'Airbumps' on lower trim models 


Volkswagen Polo

Of the bunch, the Polo is the best all-rounder, though it is a little bit more expensive than the rest, nonetheless the Polo offers great value for money, the DSG gearbox is very highly rated among motorists and motor journalists alike and the styling is very modern and attractive. The interior looks up-market too, you get comfy cloth seats and a smart looking touchscreen infotainment system, along with the option to choose a range of different colours to accent areas of the cabin. There's no option for a three-door model anymore, so you'll get the highest level of practicality no matter what you choose.


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Pros   Cons
+ Bold styling   - Most of the good stuff costs extra
+ Well-built interior   - Entry-level engines aren't very powerful
+ Fantastic gearbox         - Tends to collect dirt on top of the rear bumper 


Toyota Aygo

The little Toyota Aygo is a common sight to see on the road these days, the popular model is back once again with a mid life refresh, its recognisable shape hasn't changed much compared to the now pre-current model, only the bumpers and lights have received most of the attention - as is tradition of a face-lift - however Toyota have now increased the range of paint options available for the model and increased the level of sound-deadening. Another plus, is that you can get the Aygo with a folding fabric roof if you opt for an X-Wave model. It's not as up-market as the Volkswagen Polo on the inside (though the Polo is more expensive), but the Aygo is easy to drive and uses a very efficient engine, though most will opt for an Aygo based on its looks and affordability.


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Pros   Cons
+ Quirky looks   - Small boot
+ Very economical   - Lots of hard plastic on the inside
+ Good all-round visibility         - Only one front windscreen wiper 


It's no surprise that the most affordable automatics are all city cars - they are built for a purpose after all - however you can save money on a wide range of other models including ones that come with an automatic gearbox by heading over to our special offers page, where we have an enormous range of cars for you to choose from. Alternatively, you can check out another one of our car guides on the best affordable crossovers, if you're after something slightly bigger to fit all of the family.