Best City Cars

City cars offer some of the best mobility to combat the everyday struggle of parking in city centres or fitting down small roads. The majority of these tiny cars look strikingly similar, however each model brings something slightly different to the table - some are built on a budget while others are fully loaded, but which ones are the best picks? 

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Kia Picanto

The Picanto is the smallest model in the Kia range, it's a quirky little 5 door hatchback which shares the same great tech available in the CeedOptima and Sportage. The front of the cabin is nice and spacious however like with most city cars the room is limited in the back seats. The Picanto is available with 2 small petrol engines, a 1.0L with 66 Bhp and a 1.25L with 84 Bhp - we would recommend opting for the latter if motorway driving is a part of your everyday commute however the 1.0L engine will be absolutely fine for driving around town whilst maintaining good fuel economy. While the standard Picanto models are certainly understated in their styling, there is a GT-Line trim if you prefer something on the sportier side.

Kia Picanto Interior and Exterior comparison


Smart ForFour Electric Drive

Quite possibly the most economical way to drive around the inner-streets of London or Manchester, Smart brings style with substance in their latest EQ range, the Forfour electric drive has a range of up to 99 miles on a single charge (manufacturer figure). Charging the car itself takes around 3 and a half hours when charging at a wall-box however charge time will vary depending on local infrastructure and charging current set on the cable. As the ForFour ED produces zero emissions, the car is exempt from the London congestion charge as well as road tax, however this benefit in kind will only take you so far as this is one of the most expensive vehicles in it's class.

Smart Forfour Electric Drive Comparison


Toyota Aygo

The Aygo is one of the most popular city cars due to its sharp looks and reasonable price point. It's very economical, averaging around 67.2-68.8 mpg (manufacturer figures) from its 1L 69 Bhp petrol engine. Customisation options are also very good and a vibrant choice of paints are available, along with lots of trim options offering various alloy wheels, privacy glass, upgraded infotainment systems and styling packs.

vw up gti


Volkswagen UP GTI

Volkswagen's latest addition to their 'GTI' range is the Up - a tiny hatchback sharing the same platform as the Skoda Citigo, the Up GTI is one of the smallest hot hatchbacks available on the market and the city car with the highest performance capabilities. The Up GTI has more space than it looks although the majority of this is in the front of the cabin and as for the engine the model sports a 1.0L turbo petrol with 115 Bhp, giving the car a 0-60 time of just 8.8 seconds - while at the same time offering an average fuel economy of 59mpg! If you're looking for performance and practicality in one small package, look no further than the Up GTI.


Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 is another incredibly popular city car due to its retro and chic styling, the price point is also on the lower side of the market, making the 500 a great all-rounder whether you are looking for a first car after passing your driving test or if you want a sharp looking run-around however compared to other models the Fiat 500 isn't as spacious on the inside. The range-topping models do become much more expensive however they hold their value quite well, meaning special offers may become available.

Fiat 500 Interior Exterior Comparison

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