All Car Leasing New home page

All Car Leasing New home page
15 Aug 2018
By Ronnie Lawson-Jones

We have been working hard to provide our customers with a better service and our development continues with the first phase of changes coming in to effect today 15/08/2018. We have made significant changes to the home page. 

Why the change?

Since our new website was launched in March 2018 we have been working hard to provide a user-friendly experience to make it easier for customers to enquire about our latest deals and find out more information. There are plenty of benefits to the new home page that has come as the result of customer research and feedback.

Customer involvement

When a customer can’t navigate our website then that is our issue and can cost us money, so we have polled and questioned a number of our customers to find the best solution for the majority of our customers. Changes include the colour scheme layout and functionality, all have been adapted or completely revamped according to your responses.

New features

With the new website comes a whole host of new features, here are a few we have made for our customers.

Colour scheme

We have migrated from our standard black, red and white towards a more neutral and aesthetically pleasing blue and green combination with a darker header. To make the content and selection boxes clearer for those who browse quickly or with poor eyesight we have left the white space with clear contrast with the text.


Whether you prefer to use the quick search function now at the top-centre of the home page that will allow you to search for the manufacturer, model and price range for the car you are looking for. The navigation bar has been slimmed and opened up to allow a continuous flow with clear indications for Special Offers and Manufacturers. There are also multiple touch points for short-term hire, business and personal leasing, making it as simple as possible to find the deal you are most interested in.

New services

As part of our new launch, we are also introducing our fleet management for SMEs and our price match promise that guarantees we will do our best to find you our most competitive quote on the car of your choice.


Although the information has always been available to our customers, either by phone speaking to any of our friendly account managers or administration team, by email with our customer services member or through social media with our marketing team the information you were looking for was difficult to find and we heard you which is why with one click you can see our:

Guides to leasing

Guides to leasing have been written to help new and experienced customers understand what a lease involves and to ensure it is right for them with information on cost breakdowns, vehicle care and maintenance as well as delivery and collection.

Vehicle rental

One of the companies most recent features is short-term hire and vehicle rental, the full guide is available here.

Electric and Hybrid vehicle leasing

Although a relatively simple question the complex answer including at home installation of charging points, tax and new vehicle relief from the government and vehicle registration is all covered in our Electric and Hybrid guide.

News and blogs

At All Car Leasing it is important that we keep our finger on the pulse and we like to keep you up to date too with changes to our industry as well as the automotive sector as a whole, whether that is changes to emissions or MPG testing to the latest cars for this year and next, our new blog carousel allows more content to keep you engaged.

There is a lot to discover on the All Car Leasing home page and we are happy to hear your feedback on all of our web pages, the development continues and with our customers help we will achieve our goal to provide the best website user experience for mobile, tablet and desktop.

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