Special Offer
MPG 45
0-62 MPH 149g/km
0-62 MPH 6.5s
BLP £24,204
Per Month £189

Why choose a Volkswagen Polo to lease?

The Volkswagen Polo is one of the more premier small hatchbacks on the market and it delivers excellent performance, a stylish design and is also extremely practical. There are many different options of the Volkswagen Polo for practically anyone - for trims, you have a wide range of options in order of luxury - S, SE, Beats, R-Line, SEL, GTI and GTI Plus, so no matter what type of hatchback you desire, there will be a VW Polo lease to suit you. 

Volkswagen have also partnered with Beats to offer a high-end audio spec on selected models and the top of the range models provide unchallenged performance, so leasing a Polo really is a great option. At All Car Leasing, we offer a range of Volkswagen Polo lease options to suit your needs and budget, so if you are looking to lease a VW Polo, you can be assured that we have the perfect lease to suit you. 

To find out more, give us a call on 01565 880 880 and we will do our best to get your perfect VW polo lease deal, alternatively, if you have found the model that you are interested in, click the ‘Get a Quote’ button and one of our account managers will be in touch do discuss your lease.

Availability, Delivery, Maintenance and Warranty

At All Car Leasing, we have an excellent relationship with Volkswagen and are able to offer quick turnarounds on most derivatives of the Polo. We also offer free nationwide delivery on all of our VW Polo lease deals, so whenever your car is ready, you can choose a date and your brand new Polo will be delivered to you at no extra charge. 

We also include roadside assistance and full manufacturers warranty which is great as it can save you money and provide you with added peace of mind. Having a manufacturer's warranty will cover the cost of any repairs or replacements that are needed due to any defects or faults in the car, meaning you do not have to worry about any unexpected repair costs during your lease term. We would also recommend taking out a maintenance package which covers any general wear and tear to your VW Polo. At All Car Leasing, we offer this as an optional package and you can add this alongside your monthly payment and it means that you do not have to worry about incurring any additional costs to your monthly fee. 

If you have any other questions in relation to the availability, delivery, maintenance and warranty for your Volkswagen Polo, please get in touch on 01565 880 880 and one of our friendly team will be happy to answer all of your queries.

VW Polo FAQs

Yes, if you choose to lease a Volkswagen Polo from All Car Leasing, we have a range of manual and automatic engines that you can choose from.

The most efficient VW Polo's would be those with the 95 1.0 engine. This is because of their great fuel economy.

Volkswagen Polos are generally considered to be reliable cars, Volkswagen in general has a reputation for producing high-quality vehicles that are designed to last and the Volkswagen Polo has ranked highly in many reliability surveys and has earnt many awards for its dependability.