As one of the most popular lease vehicles of the last few years, we listen to our customers and are pleased to offer the very best VW Tiguan lease deals.

The Volkswagen Tiguan has been completely redesigned and re-released in 2016 and now is extremely eye-catching, bigger and lower than its older brother. In case you haven't seen one of these striking cars yet we'll give you a little overview here.

The old Tiguan was very popular after the first model was introduced in 2008 because it was fast, practical and economical, but it lacked rear space and its boot wasn't as big as some rivals. Now the latest Tiguan is wider, longer and higher than its predecessor making for more room inside and a bulkier exterior presence.

Key Features

The Tiguan comes with a great choice of trims that all have different features. The list starts from S and next is SE, SE Nav, SEL up to R-Line at the top.

This car does 0-62mph in just 6.5 seconds and can achieve a combined 58.9mpg fuel consumption rate. The engine choice in this car is vast with 8 to choose from including manual and DSG Automatic transmissions, 150bhp, 180bhp, 190bhp or 240bhp and 4Motion or 2WD which can all be interchanged to suit your needs. There is also a choice between petrol and diesel engines as well.

One of this cars taglines is that it's connected. And by that, it means via smartphones and tablets using apps and social media platforms which can then be linked with the car for safer driving and ease of use while on the move.

In terms of practicality there is the cool variable boot floor and load through provision with cup holders, storage bins and front, centre armrest. With the rear seats up the Tiguan has a 502-litre boot space and with the seats down it increases to 1542-litres.

Why lease a Tiguan?

  • Exceptional Value for money
  • Great choice of setup including engines and trims
  • Economical and efficient
  • Beautiful exterior
  • interior designs
  • Great safety
  • convenience features


A great sized family car that has the build quality, technology and comfort to push it beyond average along with its economic engines and great trim choice.

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