Why choose a Renault Koleos?

The Renault Koleos is a spacious SUV with All Mode 4x4-i technology that changes between 2WD and 4WD with an auto mode to allow the car to make the choice for you, designed for the family the boot space can be expanded with one touch easy folding rear seats. The Renault Koleos has been a popular personal leasing vehicle and business lease offers also available

Engines and Trims

The entry level Dynamique S Nav retails from £28,000 and comes with a 7" multimedia system Sat Nav, Apple CarPlay Android Auto. The rear parking camera is partnered with front and rear sensors. Stepping up is the Signature Nav with a larger touchscreen infotainment system, full LED Pure Vision headlights and part leather heated front seats. The top of the range is the INITIALE Paris the namesake headrests, Bose Sound System and hands-free parking makes it the most luxury Renault on the market. The Renault Koleos utilises a diesel powerplant with the entry-level two-wheel drive dCi 130 engine, the second option is the dCi 175 only available in 4WD the most expensive engine comes with the Auto X-Tronic gearbox.

Availability, delivery, maintenance and warranty

Renault Koleos from stock vehicles are available within five-weeks, however for a bespoke factory order vehicles from manufacture, delivered free to the customers drive will take up to 15 weeks from order, all the All Car Leasing come with manufacturer's warranty and optional maintenance cover available POA with your personalised quote. Full details on Renault UK's warranty can be found here.

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