MPG 45
0-62 MPH 228g/km
0-62 MPH 6.4s
BLP £44,500
Per Month £680
MPG 28
0-62 MPH 229g/km
0-62 MPH 6.4s
BLP £48,667
Per Month £730
MPG 45
0-62 MPH 251g/km
0-62 MPH 4.8s
BLP £49,833
Per Month £771
MPG 45
0-62 MPH 255g/km
0-62 MPH 4.5s
BLP £59,750
Per Month £897

Key Porsche Macan Points

The Porsche Macan is built on an Audi Q5 platform but that's where it ends, under the hood the Macan is all Porsche. There are four engines available to lease - a 2.0 234 BHP diesel labelled just as a Macan, a 3.0 Macan S producing 335 BHP, 3.6 Macan Turbo producing 395 BHP and perhaps the most popular choice for the everyday driver is the Macan S 3.0 Diesel which pumps out 254 BHP and up to 47 MPG. Although there aren't many trims available with pre-packed options there is a plethora of add-ons available. The Porsche Macan is an ultra stylish compact SUV that blends prestige and practicality into one superb package.


Why Lease a Porsche Macan

Lease a Porsche Macan if you're after a prestigious crossover that can pack a punch. A Porsche is a coveted badge for any driver and the Macan is one of the cheapest available to lease while still not making itself look 'cheap'. Due to Porsches relationship with the VA Group we get some generous discounts on all Porsche models which means you can drive away in your Macan for less with us. If the Q5 just isn't flashy enough and the Cayenne is just too big then a Porsche Macan lease is the perfect option.

Five reasons to lease a Porsche Macan

  • Powerful 
  • Practical 
  • Macan S Diesel is fairly economical 
  • It's a Porsche! 
  • Plenty of options for personalisation 


To conclude, a Porsche Macan lease is a fabulous choice. It is has been critically acclaimed, it performs very well and the diesel option is very tasty for everyday use. Leasing a Porsche doesn't have to cost the earth and the Porsche Macan doesn't. Have a look around the Porsche Macan car leasing hub today and have a look at the in depth review, image gallery and high definition videos.

Other Large SUVs To Consider

The Porsche Macan is a fine sports utility vehicle to lease but it isn't the only one you should consider. Why not take a look at one of these other recommended SUVs:

Still can't find what you're looking for?

If the Porsche Macan or its competitors haven't quite turned your head then why not take a look at our main car leasing page or our best leasing offers page for the very latest deals.

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