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The Mitsubishi is a wonderfully unique vehicle. It is a plug-in hybrid at combines electric and petrol power. Both motors are served by a 12kWh battery which is mounted between the axles and charged by the petrol engine in the Series Hybrid setting. The rear motor produces slightly more torque; the one at the front is assisted when necessary by an 119bhp 2.0-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine. 

Standard kit includes dual-zone climate control, cruise control, electric windows, remote central locking, Bluetooth connectivity, a USB port, a six-speaker stereo, electric heated mirrors, automatic lights and rear parking sensors. The entry-level PHEV GX3h will emit an outstanding 44g/km of CO2. This means that qualifies for company car tax at just five per cent. Moreover, Mitsubishi have stated that the vehicle will have a fuel economy of an astonishing 148mpg. The manufacturer also say that the Outlander PHEV can cover 32.5 miles as an EV before tapping into its 45-litre fuel tank for an "extended" range of around 500 miles. The PHEV is unlike most electric vehicles as it drives with complete competence. Due to its weight and size, the PHEV has excellent grip and traction; it also steers and corners well at high speeds. The Mitsubishi is also equally comfortable on trickier terrain and will climb up hills like Ben Fogle on DofE. The PHEV comes with 190mm of ground clearance and has a towing capacity of up to 1500kg. It can even move from stationary to 60mph in 10 seconds. 

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